Fredericksburg – Tuesday

We woke up on the Fourth of July to the smell of cinnamon rolls and muffins, courtesy of Nelda. After a quick breakfast, we got dressed and ready and made our way downtown to take in the local Independence Day parade.


Finding parking and a spot to spectate were easy because we arrived early.


e and g

We set up chairs for the kids and tried to keep everyone busy until the parade began.

m,om and g

A lot of people turned out for the parade and it was a sight to see.

m and j

There were lots of floats and emergency vehicles in the parade. Some of my favorite floats were politically themed. Ha!


After the parade, we did a bit of shopping before heading home. We kept it simple for lunch and had leftovers (pizza, fruit, chips, and dip).


More family joined us at the house, and the senior Hunters made ice cream with the kids.  Needless to say, the kids were mesmerized – some even too wound up to nap in the afternoon.

ice cream

We had a very traditional Independence dinner menu of hot dogs and sliders.


We spiced things up with chili, Rico’s cheese, and an assortment of fatty, yet delicious, chips. We topped all of that off with a dreamy brownie and ice cream bar.


We ended the night with sparklers and a fireworks display by Zach and Ian.


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