Fredericksburg – Saturday

We usually try to plan a small getaway over the Fourth of July holiday. This year we met up with family (my parents, the Rosenbergs, and the Hunters) in Fredericksburg, TX. In short, we had a nice, relaxing holiday in the Texas Hill Country. Our days were short in terms of agenda items – and that was just what we needed after several hectic weeks of work travel, life, and social events.

But let’s wind back to last Saturday…

Saturday – I woke up early and made a trip to my neighborhood gym for a quick run and workout. I’m training for a half marathon and I need to get in as many workouts as I can these days.

Post breakfast, I swung by our neighborhood doughnut shop to pick up a special breakfast for George and John.


While the guys ate, I finalized our packing and got the car loaded.

packed car

But before we hit the road, we took George to Soccer Shots in our neighborhood park.

After soccer, we hit the road and made a pit stop in Katy to pick up some lunch. 4.5 hours later (thanks to traffic) we arrived in Fredericksburg at our rental home.

George and John hit the pool with family while I unpacked and got things organized.


I also made an HEB run with Julie. Afterwards, we laid out an epic snack for our travel weary and pool hangry family.


Dad played the role of grill master for dinner, and he and my Mom prepared chicken, corn, and sides for everyone.


We also celebrated Nelda’s birthday with a small cake and party crowns that night.

We all slept like logs that night. I blame the heat, but I was glad for every minute of it.

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