Fredericksburg – Monday

Monday – After another great night of sleep, we woke up hungry.


Fortunately, Mom was on breakfast duty and wowed the crowd with homemade tacos. Two snaps for Mom.


We had another luxuriously relaxing morning of pool time and patio living.

am pool

Julie and I made another quick trip to HEB so that we could make sandwiches for lunch.

We ended up with a pretty nice sandwich bar for lunch, complete with chips, dip, and fruit.


After lunch, John, George, and I went downtown to do some exploring and shopping.

g and j

Later, John handled nap time with George, while I hit the gym for another workout.

Once nap time and gym time were over, everyone relaxed outdoors.


We had popsicles and an antipasti spread for snack time.


For dinner, we ordered West End Pizza Company and boy was it delicious.


The kids watched a little “Finding Dory”  before bed in the game room,  while all parents and grandparents cleaned and got organized.

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