Celebrating Grand Mimi Emma

John, George, and I happily spent last weekend in Las Cruces, NM, for a family celebration. Specifically, we were there to celebrate George’s Grand Mimi’s 100th Birthday.

Friday – I returned from a two-night work trip to Las Vegas, NV, late last Thursday night, so turning around for a family trip on Friday was tough. However, we made it work. John and I double-teamed on Friday to get packing, breakfast, lunch, work, and George taken care of before we left on our trip. We arrived at IAH around 1:15PM and sailed through security. We picked up some water and a few emergency snacks before settling in at the gate. Before long, we were on board our regional jet and G was pumped.

g excited

G watched videos on his iPad during our 90 minute flight, while John worked and I listened to a few podcasts. The flight attendants were so kind during our flight. They both brought by extra complimentary snacks for George, including gummy bears and salami. He was so excited, and we were very appreciative.

g snacks

Several folks on our flight committed what I consider to be highly offensive acts during our journey – they brought stinky/smelly food on board. In this instance, folks brought on Panda Express, fried chicken, and French fries. Blerg. So rude. So smelly. Anyhow, our flight was uneventful and we landed a little ahead of our expected arrival time in El Paso. Once we were on the ground, we rented a car and made the easy 45-minute drive to Las Cruces, New Mexico.

new mex plane

We checked into the El Encanto Hotel and quickly got settled before driving to La Posta for a casual family dinner.

lp sign

I had the chile rellenos and they were only so-so. Blerg. I’ve been so spoiled with 10 trips to Santa Fe this year, and plates of the delicious chile rellenos from La Plazuela. At least the company was delightful.


Given the time change, it was an early evening for us and we were in bed before we knew it.

Saturday – I kicked off the day with a quick workout in the hotel gym. Afterwards, it was time for a casual breakfast at Mesilla Valley Kitchen. I had a simple breakfast of eggs, bacon, potatoes, rye toast, and a side of red chile. It was delicious.


Afterwards, John, G, and I did a bit of shopping at Nambe and a few other stores in Mesilla.

g btk

Later, once we were dressed for the day, we had a quick lunch at El Sombrero (an Arnold favorite). Our food did not disappoint. These chile rellenos were much better.

es lunch

After lunch, we attended a celebratory mass for Grand Mimi Emma, and then a long reception in her honor.


We had a great time celebrating with family and I am so glad that we were able to make the celebration.

grand mimi

Grand Mimi Emma is still full of life and I am honored that she is able to be a part of George’s life.

g with ee

We were wiped out once the evening rolled around, so we were quick to head to bed early.

Sunday – Sunday began with another workout for me – they help to keep travel/life anxiety and stress at bay. After showers and packing, we visited the nearest Starbucks for an ultra casual Fathers Day breakfast. Then, we drove back to El Paso to catch our flight home.


We ate lunch on board (Subway and Starbucks for the win!), and enjoyed our 90 minute flight back home.

g lunch

Since we landed early in the afternoon, we were able to celebrate John and my Dad with a festive Fathers Day dinner at Pico’s.


Family is everything to us, and we were so fortunate to be able to celebrate both sides of our family last weekend.


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