NOLA – Sunday

On our last day in New Orleans, we slept in again. To kick off my day, I hit the gym for another workout. Meanwhile, John relaxed in the room.

After a leisurely morning, we walked to brunch at Sylvain.


Sylvain was recommended to us by the Rosenbergs and they couldn’t have been more right about this place – it was wonderful. I went with the Sylvain Chicken Sandwich and it was soooo good. Juicy, tender, and perfectly crisp.


This place is going on the list of restaurants I want to visit (again!) the next time I am in town.


After brunch, we walked over to pick up muffulettas for dinner at Central Grocery, then it was on to Southern Candymakers to pick up a few more sweet treats.


On the walk back to the hotel, we ran into some friends in Jackson Square, then we popped into the Cathedral for some tranquility.


After perusing some antique stores, we went back to the hotel to pack and to check out. We made the quick drive to the airport and sailed through security. Sadly, our flight was delayed due to weather in Houston. We ended up arriving in Houston 6 hours later than planned. Blerg.


But, we made it home safely and G was safe and sound (and sleeping!) under the care of my parents.

We were thrilled to get away for our anniversary and we are so thankful that my parents were able to take care of G for us. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

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