Easter 2017

Friday – John and I were off from work on Good Friday, so we got to spend the day with George (his school was closed). We made a pit stop at Best Donuts first thing in the morning before driving to Space Center Houston in Clear Lake.

fri donuts

We met my parents there and we spent the morning exploring together. George has been learning about planets and stars at school, so this was a great complimentary learning experience for him.

fri apollo

In addition to exploring part of the main building, we also took a tram ride and explored the Saturn V building, Rocket Park, Building 9 (the Vehicle/ISS mock-up facility), and Independence Plaza.

fri iss 2

We had such a great time seeing all of the new innovations that are underway.

fri guys

As avid NASA and space exploration supporters, our visit was a tremendous experience. We plan to make many return visits in the future. Sadly, John and I had not visited NASA since 2009  (when we were able to watch a space shuttle launch from the observation deck at Mission Control).

After a few hours of exploring JSC and SpaceCenter Houston, we made our way to Seabrook’s Classic Cafe for lunch. I hadn’t been there in years, and it was great to be back. All of us had some version of fresh snapper (fried or grilled), along side delicious vegetables.

After lunch, we drove home and George and I enjoyed a long nap. Once we were up, we had a casual afternoon and evening, complete with leftovers for dinner.

Saturday – George and I woke up on Saturday morning and he had a breakfast picnic in the living room while I read some magazines. Later, George and I got dressed and drove over to a friend’s home for an Easter brunch and egg hunt (John stayed behind to get some work done).

sat g bunny

We had such a great morning with our friends. G was an egg-hunting king and had a great time running around.

sat g hunt

He and his friends also had fun sorting their their new loot.

sat g hunt loot

After a few hours, we left the party and made a quick run to the Container Store before meeting John for a late lunch at Jenni’s.

While John and G napped after lunch, I made a mad dash to Kroger and CVS to locate extra Easter eggs and candy. When I got home, I took a short nap on the couch. Once the guys were up, we had a lot of relaxing time in the house before I began to prepare dishes for our Easter luncheon.

John picked up Beck’s Prime for dinner and we spent the rest of the evening relaxing.

Sunday – I made cinnamon rolls on Easter morning and George devoured them. I did a bit more food prep before all of us left the house for Easter mass.

sun g breakfast

We had a beautiful Easter service at our parish, despite the SRO crowd. Meanwhile, the Easter Bunny was busy while we were at church!

sun baskets

After mass, we returned home and I began the final steps of food prep. G kept busy by going through his basket.

sun g basket

Once my parents and the Rosenbergs arrived, we had some snacks before letting the kids have an egg hunt.

sun g eggs

George and Ava did well and had a lot of fun.

sun g and a

After the hunt, it was time for lunch. Our menu consisted of beef Wellington, baked mashed potatoes, green beans, macaroni and cheese, and ambrosia salad.

my plate

Everything turned out really well and the kids really enjoyed their meals. For dessert, my Mom made a hummingbird cake and Julie made a berry pie.

sun cake

Both were served alongside Bluebell ice cream.

sun pie

After everyone graciously pitched in to help clean, folks dispersed (so kids could nap) and John, G, and I took naps. It was glorious. After nap time, G had fun playing with the sidewalk chalk that sweet Aunt Julie have him in an Easter basket.

All in all, we had a wonderful family-oriented weekend with lots of fun memories and activities. I hope you and yours enjoyed the weekend too.

sat g shades

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