Spring Break – March 15th

I woke up at 3:45AM to get ready for our return flights to Houston. I spent some time getting dressed and making final packing arrangements before waking up George and John.

We checked out of the room and a to-go breakfast was waiting for us at the front desk. Thanks to a very helpful and thoughtful hotel concierge, we had a nice breakfast to take with us to the airport.

A taxi took us to the airport (John returned our rental car the night before to avoid monster logistics) and it was a quick and easy 25-minute drive. We checked our bags with United and made it though security quickly.

We boarded our flight easily, and before we knew it, we were airborne.


Once we were at cruising altitude, we broke out our breakfast – fresh muffins and fruit for everyone.

g breakfast

G spent the rest of the flight watching videos, while I worked on emails.

We landed earlier than anticipated in Denver and made our way to the United Club to relax. John and G watched airplanes, while I took a few work calls.

planes uc

Our flight to Houston boarded on time and took off right on time. Just after we were airborne, George unexpectedly fell asleep.

g asleep

I worked on my laptop until the meal service began. George missed out on a weird enchilada/burrito lunch.


I guess it all worked out because once he woke, the flight attendant brought George a kid’s snack box.


The rest of the flight and drive home were uneventful (thank goodness). We made it home by 3:00PM and I immediately began unpacking from our trip and repacking for an early morning business trip the next day.

We had a great time on our Spring Break and are grateful for another opportunity to explore and make memories, as a family.

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