Spring Break – March 14th

I woke up early on Tuesday with an odd feeling that I couldn’t shake. When I tried to check in to our flight for our return flight to Houston, it all made sense. To make a very long story short, our flight had a plane swap and John didn’t have a seat assignment on the first leg of our journey. After an hour on the phone negotiating with United agents, I was finally able to secure a seat assignment for him. Because our flight was oversold, I know several people were bumped from the flight because our new plane had fewer seats. But thanks to my status with the airline, and my firm negotiations, we weren’t affected in the end. Crisis averted.

We had a later than usual breakfast thanks to the United debacle, but it all worked out. We had another delicious breakfast in front of the fire at the Westbank Grill. Since it was our last full day in Wyoming, we leisurely enjoyed our meal.


After breakfast, we did some shopping in Teton Village, before driving into Jackson for even more shopping and exploring. We went to some great stores, including Lee’s Tees and Teton Kids. We picked up some great souvenirs there, and at the Pendleton store.


We let George play in the snow for a while (while I took some conference calls) before taking the tram to the top of the mountain by our hotel.

g snow

George was so excited for the tram ride and kept on telling us that he couldn’t wait to go skiing or snowboarding someday soon.

g tram

The views from the top of the mountain were amazing. Truly breathtaking.


We had lunch at Piste – the restaurant at the top of the mountain.


Our food was delicious and I had an amazing salad. I will try to recreate this at home, but I know it won’t taste the same. Story of my life.


We took the tram back down the mountain and filled mugs with complimentary warm apple cider.


George and I went down for a nap afterwards and it was glorious. We both slept for 2 1/2 hours. While we slept, John worked in the hotel’s library. The setup was a win/win for everyone. After our naps, I did some work and started packing for the return flight home.

Before long, we got dressed and made our way to the Westbank Grill for dinner. We had a really wonderful final nice meal of the trip.Staff surprised George with a special dessert – what a treat.


The dining room was bustling with activity by the time that our meal was over, so we were happy to escape back to our room. Well, before we made it back to the room, we stopped so G could play outside for a bit in the snow.

Because we had an early start scheduled for the next morning, we worked hard to get G to bed quickly. Once he was in bed, John and I did a more work before we settled into bed.

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