Spring Break – March 13th

After another great night of sleep, it was back to the Westbank Grill for a quick breakfast before the morning’s adventures.


On the day’s agenda? Dog sledding!

ds arnolds

We made the gorgeous 45-minute drive out to the Jackson Hole Iditirod Kennel. Once we got there, we were paired with Mary (a dog trainer and musher) and a mother-daughter duo for a half-day of sledding.

ds cold

ds ready

In about 4 hours, we covered 10 miles of gorgeous Wyoming wilderness with our team of dogs.

ds bea

ds arnolds 2

We made a quick stop at the halfway point for snacks (chili, cornbread, and warm drinks) and to let to the dogs rest.

ds break 2

ds with g during break

ds john and g

On the back, John mushed our sled – which was only slightly nerve wracking!

ds mush

Since I rode in the sled with G between my legs the whole time, I felt ever bump along the way. It really didn’t bother me until I had to pee really badly. I ended up making everyone stop so that I could take bathroom break. Since we were in the middle of nowhere, I had to walk/slip my way down a snowy bank and hang on to a tree while squatting. It was not my finest moment, but I felt much better afterwards. When we arrived back at the kennels, George asked if we could “go again!” Ha! We were so glad that G thoroughly enjoyed our excursion.

ds ride

George fell asleep on the ride home, but sat right up in his chair when he heard John ask me if I wanted to have a late lunch at the Westbank Grill (I did).

ds after

We ended up having a terrific lunch composed of chips and dips, elk chili and macaroni and cheese (for George).


lunch 2

After lunch, John and George napped while I worked from the hotel library. I had a few conference calls to make and documents to edit, so this was a perfectly tranquil environment for me. And it was a great place to enjoy afternoon s’mores.


Post-nap, we made our way to downtown Jackson for a bit more shopping before dinner. We ended up doing some shopping for G at the JH Toy Store and we also did a bit of looking around for souvenirs.


For dinner, we walked over from the downtown square to Cafe Genevieve for some delicious home cooking.


We shared a charcuterie plate and had ramen soup (me), trout (John) and a burger (G) for our entrees.


The food and service were perfection.


For dessert, we walked over to Moo Creamery to indulge in some ice cream.




After bed and bath time, John and G slept while I did a little bit more work.

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