Spring Break – March 11th

John and I both woke up at 5:45am and hit the ground running. We both got ready, finalized our packing, did some work, and cleaned and tidied the house. We woke George up at 7:00am and prepped him for the day.

We left the house around 7:45am and made an easy Saturday drive to IAH. We took advantage of my SurePark membership, and easily found a parking spot steps from Terminal C check-in. Once we got into the airport, it was a ZOO.  Since it was Spring Break for a lot of folks (including G), there was increased foot traffic everywhere. Even still, it was an easy wait to check our bags and to work our way through TSA Pre-Check. We even had a few minutes to get settled at the gate before we boarded our flight. Naturally, George made sure to inspect our plane and take in the activity at the airport.

g at airport

We boarded on time and with ease. George immediately began watching cartoons, and John and I dealt with work and personal emails.

g on plane

They served breakfast on board our direct flight from Houston to Jackson Hole. All three of us enjoyed quiche, sausage, fruit, and pastries.


George spent the rest of the flight watching videos on his iPad, and John and I spent the time working on our laptops. However, no one could take their eyes off the Tetons as we got close to landing.


g landing

Once we landed in Jackson Hole, we had a major hiccup. While we knew that the National Car Rental center was off-site, we didn’t know it was 25 minutes away and that the shuttle to the site ran infrequently. So, we ended up taking a taxi to the rental site to pick up our rental SUV. Eh, it worked.

From there, we made the easy drive to our hotel and promptly checked in. While the bellman delivered our bags to our room, we made our way to the Handle Bar restaurant for a late lunch.


While George had chicken tenders and fries, John and I shared a pretzel and some nachos. Despite the fact that this is primarily a ski in/out restaurant, the food was pretty good.


On our way back to the room, we each poured a mug of the hotel’s complimentary cider. So delicious! After a bit of unpacking, George and I took a late afternoon nap. Once we were up, we relaxed in the room and sketched out the rest of our trip.

For dinner, we kept things simple and ate at the Westbank Grill at our hotel. The dinner menu there is extensive and features a lot of wild game. George ordered fruit and macaroni and cheese, and John and I each had steaks and shared mashed potatoes and a spinach gratin.


For dessert, we each had a freshly prepared s’more.


Our dishes were excellent and the customer service was impressive. After dinner, it was bath and bed time for George.

g bed

Once he was asleep, John and I each did a bit of work. Then, we both proceeded to pass out!




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