Weekend Getaway – Las Vegas (Part 2)

Saturday – We slept in on Saturday morning – it was glorious. The Wynn’s blackout shades, quiet floors, and heavenly bedding made an amazing sleep chamber for us. It also made for a nice leisurely morning.


We had a really nice breakfast at Tableau, a restaurant located at the base of the Tower Suites elevators at the Wynn. We had a quaint table in the conservatory and a great server.  John and I each ordered entrees and shared them. I especially enjoyed my eggs, bacon, and fresh fruit. John was very into his smoothie and the pastry basket.


After breakfast, we hit the Vegas Strip for some serious shopping. We were on the lookout for a few items, and we were also window shopping for a few others. I also dropped off some jewelry at Tiffany for cleaning and to get a few ideas for gifts that I will need to purchase in the future (hello – Mother’s Day!). We spent the majority of time in the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace, but we also picked up some gifts for family at the Bouchon Bakery at the Venetian.


For lunch, we kept on walking down the Strip and ended up at Javier’s at the Aria Hotel. Javier’s is an institution in Dallas, and it is a favorite of John’s from his days at SMU Law School. Our original plan was to eat at Giada’s restaurant, but John was really craving Mexican food over Italian. So, Javier’s it was.


The restaurant is modern, masculine, and has a very intimate feel. It also has an unusual wood carving on it’s back wall that is scary, yet so intriguing. John ordered tacos for lunch, while I enjoyed the rellenos. The food is really good at Javier’s, but it is incredibly mild. If you are looking for food with a kick, you are unlikely to find it here. But if you want a great margarita with Tito’s Vodka or a super flavorful meal, you will be in luck.


After lunch, we started to make the trek back to the Wynn. We stopped at the Forum  Shops again, and John bought me an Apple Watch. I’ve been interested in one for a few months, but we pulled the trigger after I tried one on. I’m excited to learn more about how it works and how it can help me be more efficient and effective in my job and with my fitness goals. I may get a few other bands once I start wearing it, but for now, I am super pleased with my pearl nylon band.

Once we made it back to our room, we changed into robes and slippers and made our way to the spa. John had a custom massage and I had a body polish treatment and a deep-tissue massage. The services were wonderful and the spa environment was tranquil and very relaxing.

After some downtime in the room, we took an Uber to the Bellagio for our dinner reservation at Le Cirque. We have eaten at Le Cirque several times in the past and we consider it to be one of our favorite restaurants. The restaurant is small, quaint, and has exceptional service and food. This visit did not disappoint.

We each selected the 5-course Winter Degustation Menu and I selected the mushroom soup, black truffle risotto, potato encrusted sea bass, organic chicken with asparagus and mushrooms, and the chocolate ball for dessert. The food was exceptional and overall was a  truly enjoyable foodie experience. To boot, we were also celebrating the 14th anniversary of our first date together. Time flies, doesn’t it?


We were so full with food, wine, and cocktails after our 2.5 hour dinner, that we took an Uber back to our hotel and promptly passed out.

Sunday – After a great evening of rest and tranquility, we woke up on Sunday and immediately began packing and getting ready. John ordered some smoothies and juices for us from room service to help us wake up and get going. While ideally we would have taken a later flight back to Houston, we really wanted to see George and to have some time with him before the work week began.

We checked out of the room and took an Uber to the airport. To our delight, the TSA security line was very short and we were relaxing in the United Club within minutes of our arrival at the airport.


Boarding and take off for our flight back to Houston was easy and on-time.We were served breakfast on-board, but neither of us were too hungry.


We both worked the entire flight home so that we could focus on George when we saw him.  Speaking of George, we met him and my parents at Pico’s for an early dinner when we arrived in Houston.

John and I are very lucky to be able to take trips like this together, and we are very fortunate that my parents (and the Hunters!) were able to watch George for us.


As we continue to assess our good fortune, we remain ever grateful for the amazing travel and life moments that we are able to experience together.


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