Weekend Getaway – Las Vegas (Part 1)

As we made New Year resolutions earlier this month, John and I were keenly aware that we did a terrible job of carving out time to spend with each other in 2016. We took a fun trip to Napa and had a few dates here and there last year, but we didn’t do as much as we could and should have. So, spending more “alone time” together is a goal of ours for 2017.

Last week, as we compared schedules on Sunday, we discovered that we could make some time on the weekend for a date and/or a date day. So we called my parents and they offered to watch G. Then we got super spontaneous and decided to head to Las Vegas for the weekend. We got to have fun in Sin City and my parents got to have uninterrupted fun time with George. It was a win win for everyone.

Thursday- My parents and the Rosenbergs came over for an impromptu family pizza dinner party. Pink’s Pizza supplied the food and we supplied the chaos. After dinner, my parents took George to their house for the evening.

Friday – John and I were up early (old habits die-hard), so we went about our usual gym and work morning routines. Once I got ready and finalized my packing, I spent the rest of the morning on work calls. In fact, I was on calls all the way to the airport.

To our delight, traffic was light at the airport and we parked and were through security in a snap. After a stop at Cibo for drinks and snacks, we made our way to the Terminal E United Club to relax for a bit. Well, I was on calls in there, but it was much better to do it there than in the main terminal.

We boarded our plane without incident and had an on-time arrival. Lunch was served on the plane and it was pretty blah. Although we weren’t expecting much, the offerings left us very hungry. I picked around my plate and ended up putting my roast beef on the salad and called it a day.


After lunch service, I took out my laptop and worked for the next 2.5 hours. Honestly, this was glorious. I got so much work done and had peace and quiet to really focus in on everything that mattered.


We had a super smooth landing and arrived to an airport that wasn’t overly busy.


We took an Uber to the Wynn and check-in was seamless. Because we were a touch early, our room wasn’t ready yet.


This ended up working out nicely because we were hungry from our sad lunches (and because I hadn’t eaten breakfast) and we needed a snack. We ended up sharing some delicious matzo ball soup and French fries (totally healthy and nutritious, right?) at the hotel’s Zoozacrackers restaurant and it totally hit the spot.


Just as we were finishing our snack, I got a text that our room was ready. Perfect!


We quickly settled in and unpacked our things before heading out to do some shopping. Because that’s one of the best reasons to come to Vegas, right? We did a combo of actual shopping and window shopping and it was really fun. John found a great new wallet – a very nice memento from our trip.

Naturally, we also spent some time picking up some treats for our George, including a stop at Tiny Treasures (it’s in the Wynn). This is one of my favorite children’s stores in Vegas and I have found some amazing gifts here over the years.


After our shopping excursion, we relaxed in the room and prepared for dinner. Before long, we made our way through the hotel for dinner at Costa di Mare (formerly Bartolotta). We love this restaurant, especially the fresh seafood and homemade pasta, and we were excited to be back.

Dinner did not disappoint. In fact, it was amazing. From the bread, to the impeccable service, to fabulous food, everything exceeded our expectations. We shared a salad before I dug into an orichette and rapini pasta primi presentation. For my secondi, I had the black truffle tagliatelle. Oh my, friends, everything was heavenly. Truly.  For dessert, we ordered an amaretti cheesecake and our server brought us a plate of complimentary chocolates. Both were delicious – sweet without being overwhelming.


After dinner, we walked over to the Parasol Bar. Our plan was to partake in the “water show” that a friend told us about. Well, let me honest. After seeing this “show,” I am questioning the intelligence of our friend. The show was lame and involved an animatronic frog. Need I say more?


After the frog fiasco, we made our way to the Wynn Theatre for the Le Reve show. The show is highly rated and did not disappoint.


The show is a mix of water, dance, and side-effects and is well-done.


Given the two-hour time change, and the 9:30 PM show start time, we were really tired by the end of the performance. However, we were glad we went. It was a gray way to end the evening.


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