Work Trip: Santa Fe, NM

Work Trip: Santa Fe, NM

I’ve continued to get requests for details and tips about work travel, so I’ve begun sharing some details about these trips when I can. I hope to post more about these trips in 2017.

A trip to Santa Fe, NM, was on the agenda this week. The trip was a two-night stay and involved multiple meetings in various settings (meetings, meals, presentations, etc.), but it also involved a few fun things. This was my third work trip of the year (the first and second were to Phoenix, AZ, and Little Rock, AR). I’m officially back at the grind for 2017.

Sunday – Prepare/Plan/Travel 

As George has gotten older, pre-trip preparation has become much easier and streamlined. Prep for this trip was pretty easy because we had leftovers in the fridge and I also prepared a chicken spaghetti casserole for John and George to eat while I was away. The guys also had plenty of breakfast options, in part because of a baking party that G and I had on Sunday morning.

I packed some snacks for my trip, including a mix of almonds and cashews, banana chips, and dried apricots. I also grabbed an apple as I was walking out of the door to the airport.


Other than that, the only other prep I did was to tidy up the house, do some laundry, and take time to carefully pack my bags.

3:30 PM – I left the house and made the drive to IAH. I stopped to fill my car with gas on the way to the airport.

4:05 PM – I pulled into the Terminal C parking lot and immediately found a spot on the Sure Park level. I am loving my new Sure Park membership – especially how close I am to the Terminal C sky-walk. I arrived at the Terminal C security line and immediately encountered a 15 minute line at TSA Pre-Check. This wasn’t a big deal, but I was still surprised by the line.

4:35 PM – I picked up a bottle of sparkling water and filled my portable water bottle before taking the train to Terminal B. Once there, I made a quick stop in the United Club to get all of my carry-ons organized and to watch the news.

5:10 PM- We boarded my flight on time. Even with a small plane, boarding took a while because folks kept on insisting that their bags would fit overhead (they didn’t).

5:45 PM – We finally took off…and I immediately began working. Wifi was super iffy on this flight, so I stuck to non -internet tasks.


6:45 PM (1 hour time change) – Once we landed, I took the rental car shuttle to the rental center and got a car. It was raining and cold at this point, so I was happy to get into my SUV (which is what I insist on driving when the weather involves snow) and crank the heat up!

7:45 PM – I arrived at the La Posada Santa Fe and received an upgrade to a larger room. I unpacked and mindlessly began working again. Instead of ordering room service for dinner, I ate a Luna Bar with some of my snacks. Isn’t that sad? Well, on the plus side, I got a lot of work done.


But I should have ordered room service!

11:00 PM – I crawled into bed and passed out.

Monday – Meetings

5:30 AM – I was wide awake, so I went down to the gym for a long walk while watching the news. Thank goodness for 24-hour gyms and 24-hour cable news networks.It was snowing outside and the hotel looked magical, even at that early hour.



After returning to my room, I did a strength workout and got ready for the day. Afterwards, I did some work and ate a light breakfast before heading to my meetings.


11:15 AM – After a few commitments, I popped into Sock Magic to pick up a few treats for John and George. This store has great socks and leg wear and I love shopping there.


11:30 AM – I met my colleague and a business associate for lunch at La Plazuela at the La Fonda Hotel. I had a sad little salad with grilled chicken, but had my eye on my favorite chile relleno dish. However, I felt great after lunch and my salad was quite good.

12:45 PM – My colleague and I walked to the State Capitol and spent the rest of the day in a series of meetings and hearings.

5:15PM – Once I left the Capitol, I spent some time in my hotel room working and getting caught up on emails.

6:30 PM – I met up with my colleagues and some friends at Luminaria at the Inn and Spa at Loretto for dinner. We had a really nice meal in front of a crackling fire – super cozy. I was also pleased that the chef was able to make me a Whole 30 compliant dinner of steak, broccolini and a kale salad.

10:00 PM – After a long day, I crashed pretty hard.

Tuesday – Travel 

3:30 AM – I was wide awake and couldn’t get back to sleep. Blerg. I ended up working on emails before heading to the gym for a long walk while watching the news.

5:45 AM – After getting ready and handling my final packing duties, I checked out of the hotel and made my way back to ABQ.

6:50 AM – After a brief refueling stop, I returned my rental car and made my way to the TSA Check-point (which was a breeze with no line). Once I cleared security, I refilled my water bottle and picked up some breakfast items.

7:50 AM – We boarded and took off on time. I spent the flight working on emails and documents.


11:00 AM (1 hour time change) – We landed in Houston and  I made my way back home.  Once I arrived at my house, I immediately unpacked, started a load of laundry, and jumped into a series of work calls and video conferences. I really wanted (and needed!) a nap, but it wasn’t in the cards.

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