Yosemite – January 1st

Finally – a night where everyone slept really well! Surprisingly, there were no sounds of NYE celebrations that woke us up.

I surprised John and George with donuts that I picked up from the hotel’s Sweet Shop the afternoon before. They were a hit. We also ordered some fruit and eggs from room service to round out our meal.


After breakfast, we spent about an hour packing and getting ready for our trip home. We checked out and made one last stop at the Village Store to pick up some additional souvenirs and some water for the drive.


We took a slow drive back out of the park to get last shots of Birdieville Falls and El Capitan. Both were glorious.



We also took some shots of the intensely beautiful vistas on the drive.




We made sure to stop at the infamous Yosemite sign that we missed when we entered the Park.


We saw a terrible, terrible accident on the way out of the Park, friends. I won’t share the gruesome details, but will say that what I saw shook me to my core and I pray that medical and fire personnel were able to help the survivors. God bless the people that stopped to help. We would have stopped, but there were already too many people there aiding the victims and slowing traffic as they waited for medics and the fire team to arrive.

When George started rubbing his eyes, we made a quick detour to Wendy’s to grab a quick lunch so that G could rest with a full belly. Chicken nuggets and fries for G and me, and a burger for John. Sinfully delicious! Of course, G got a second wind and didn’t fall asleep in the car.


We made the drive to the Westin SFO in 4 hours – in much less time than our journey to Yosemite. Once we arrived at our new hotel, we quickly checked into our room and I put G down for a much needed nap. Meanwhile, John returned our rental car and had some fun time in downtown San Francisco.

George literally watched planes take off and land for an hour from our room once he woke. He was mesmerized. Before long, we went downstairs to dine at the hotel’s Olive and Vine restaurant. We were all really surprised by the hotel’s offerings.


We shared some homemade chips for an appetizer (G loved the onion dip!) and I had this amazing pasta pomodoro for my entree. Friends, this was so delicious.


The gluten killed me later, but it was so, so good.

Once we got back to our room, I took a very long shower while John and G watched planes again. Then, once G’s bath time was over, he and I snuggled for an early bedtime. With a long travel scheduled for the next day, we figured getting to sleep early was the best plan.

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