Yosemite – December 31st

It was another stuffy night in the hotel room, so I slept terribly. Even though I opened a window in the bathroom to let some air circulate, we were still overcome with hot air. Blerg. Well, George slept well, so that was a bonus.

While John picked up coffee and hot chocolate downstairs, I ordered room service. See how quickly it is to establish a routine? Breakfast arrived within 15 minutes and we were eating shortly thereafter.

After we got dressed, we ventured out for some outdoor fun. George and I took the stairs down to the lobby. Because I jokingly referred to the stair well as a “secret passage,” George always wanted to take the stairs.

It was very cold when we left the hotel and we were surprised by deer in the parking lot. George got a kick out of seeing them.


We drove around for a bit before doing a modest hike to Mirror Lake.




Before long, a headache and a general funk set in with me. We headed back to the hotel so that I could rest. The end of 2016 was a bit rough for me, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that this happened. When things accumulate and build up, they are bound to erupt into a mess of things. Before long, I was a basket case and went through my share of tissues. I suppose people don’t talk about these things, but I like to keep it real around here. Besides, who doesn’t benefit from a good cry from time to time?

I was still sad around lunchtime and didn’t want to leave the room. I was fine around John and George, but I didn’t want to be around others.


Thank goodness for room service! I dove into some comfort food (a grilled cheese and French fries) and really indulged in a root beer.


We don’t consume soft drinks in our home, so this was a major splurge for me.


Was it good? Yes. Did I feel like a sugar slob afterwards? Totally.

While G and J napped in the afternoon, I went for a short walk and called my parents (because sometimes that helps me feel better too – and that day it did).


I also swung by the hotel’s Sweet Shop and picked up some things for George. The hotel was a tourist hell hole at that point (it was so cold that people were congregated everywhere) so I decided to head back to the room. I napped for about thirty minutes before taking a long shower and getting ready for our special NYE dinner.

When we booked our trip, the NYE event at our hotel was completely sold out. Blerg. But I was able to book the last reservation at the Mountain Room Restaurant at the Yosemite Valley Lodge not far from our hotel.

We made our way over to the restaurant for our 5:30PM seating and we were sat promptly. We had a five-course meal that included a choice of an artichoke/jalapeño dip or seafood cocktail (first course), black eyed pea soup and a salad for the second and third courses, a choice of duck, eggplant lasagna, beef tenderloin or halibut for the fourth course, and a choice of red velvet cake, chocolate mousse or creme brûlée for the last course.


John and I both chose the dip for our first course and for the fourth course, John chose the halibut and and George and I had the beef. For dessert, G and I shared the red velvet cake and John had the mousse. Most of the food was good, but it wasn’t great. And while the service was okay, it was really slow. But, we did make it out of the hotel to celebrate the new year as a family and that’s all that really matters.


After dinner, we popped into the family NYE celebration next to the Mountain Room Restaurant that included fun and games for kids. But since G was really rubbing his eyes at this point (and yawning…during picture time with me!), we made a beeline to the hotel.


After his bath and pajama time, George got crazy out of nowhere.



So, needless to say, getting him to sleep was a bit of a challenge, but he was out by 9:00 PM. And true to form, John and I were passed out shortly thereafter.

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