Yosemite – December 30th

It got too hot in the room overnight, so I didn’t sleep well. When G woke up, I felt like daybreak was happening too soon. Blerg.

While John went downstairs to pick up some coffee and hot chocolate, I ordered breakfast via room service. We each ordered our usual breakfasts – I had eggs, bacon and toast.


After we wrapped breakfast, we took advantage of our early start and ventured out for an early hike.


We took our car to the base of the Yosemite Falls trail head and started the icy and snowy trail. It took us about 30 minutes to get to the Lower Falls due to all of the ice. Hiking with a toddler isn’t easy, but we had fun with it.


The views from the base of the Falls were amazing. Totally worth the effort.



Once we made it back to the car, we decided to go sledding. We took George to another part of the park to get the best sledding slopes for youngsters. George was initially resistant to the idea of sledding, but he warmed up to it quickly.


Once George was ready and willing, the sledding and fun commenced.


After the guys had their fill of sledding, we drove to a nearby park store to pick up some souvenirs. Then, we made the scenic drive back to our hotel and returned to our hotel room to reset.

We had lunch in the hotel dining hall again. On this day, the hotel offered a delicious tomato and chicken soup that George and I devoured.


We also shared a flat bread that was only so-so.


After lunch, we all went up to our room for a long nap. Fortunately, everyone slept and was able to get a nice couple hours of rest and relaxation.

Once nap time was over, we all feasted on fruit that we picked up in San Francisco. I also played with George and we read a few books.

Dinner was super causal and low-key – and featured another visit to the hotel dining hall.  George and I shared some soup and he also tried the chicken skewers and mashed potatoes. I also had the venison pasta entree – it was excellent.


After dinner, we explored some of the common areas of the hotel. George also had fun climbing the stairs to our hotel room.

We were all wiped out that day and everyone had a very early bedtime.

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