Yosemite – December 29th

We all slept really well on our first night in Yosemite. Thank goodness!

While George and I had some iPad time, John went down to the hotel’s mezzanine level and picked up complimentary coffee and hot chocolate for us.

Later, once everyone was dressed, we made our way to the dining room for a more formal breakfast. Naturally, my syrup loving child had pancakes. I kept it simple with eggs, bacon, and toast.


After breakfast, we took a long walk/hike to do some exploring.



We made a slight detour at the Village Store to check out their offerings. From souvenirs to hiking socks to hummus and champagne, you can get just about anything there. And that includes fresh kale and s’more kits.


We did a bit more walking after our visit to the store and ended up at the base of Lower Yosemite Falls.


Since we didn’t have a lot of time, we ended up taking the 5-minute walk to the viewing platform at the bottom of the trail head. The views were glorious!


Post-hike, we made our way back to the hotel dining room for lunch. I made a special request for a grilled cheese sandwich on rye and the chef delivered. It was delicious!


I had a quick work conference call (it was urgent!) in our room and sadly missed the opportunity to see George make his first snowman. George is still talking about his snowman, so clearly this was a memorable experience for him.


I ended up handling nap time with George and we both passed out for a solid three hours. It was perfect. After nap time, we enjoyed casual time in our room.

We visited the hotel dining room (again!) for dinner. I wasn’t that hungry, but ended up devouring a spinach salad and onion soup.


We also shared a slice of boysenberry pie for dessert.  The berries and homemade crust were amazing.


With all that sleep during the day, George and I were somehow both asleep before 8:45 PM.


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