San Francisco & Yosemite – December 28th

We were all up at 6:00AM with loads of energy. Everyone showered and got ready for the day; then we made our way to breakfast in the hotel’s Grill. On this day, it was eggs and protein sides (bacon and sausage) all around.


Oh, and some fruit too.


After breakfast, we finalized our packing and walked to a downtown car rental center to pick up an SUV. We made a detour at Union Station to check out the holiday decor.


We also watched the trolleys go up and down Powell Street.


Once we had our SUV, we drove to our hotel,  checked out, and made our way to Yosemite. An hour into the drive, we stopped for an early lunch. We kept it casual and easy and popped into a Freebird’s.


I drove for the next two hours. The drive was scenic and very serene.


But when we entered into the high, windy roads with steep cliffs phase of the drive, I pulled over and let John drive. Because my ears wouldn’t pop, I couldn’t focus and was in pain. I ended up lying down in the back of the car. Meanwhile, this little nugget was zonked out for the majority of our drive.


Thanks to lunch and construction traffic, it took us five hours to get to Yosemite.


But wow, it was totally worth it.


Although the sun was close to setting when we arrived, the views from the car were stunning.


We checked into the Majestic Hotel with ease and we were delighted by our new digs. We quickly unpacked and tried to make the room as “home-y” as possible.

We had dinner in the hotel’s impressive Dining Room. A live pianist complemented the festive decor and spirited service during the dinner service.


I had the artichoke and spinach ravioli entree and found it to be excellent.


I’m not sure why I was surprised by the quality of our meal, but I was thoroughly impressed. For dessert, we shared a warm cookie with ice cream.


Given our long travel day, we all crashed pretty early. Or maybe it was a sugar crash?


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