San Francisco – December 27th

With the two-hour time change, I was worried that we would have a super early wake-up time for everyone. Fortunately, however, we all slept until 6:00AM. Thank goodness for our white noise machine (that we packed and brought from home) and the hotel’s black out shades.

We had a pretty laid-back morning before dining in the hotel’s restaurant for breakfast. George loved his pancakes and had fun eating my eggs and bacon. I swear this kid eats more food than any three year old I have ever met.


Afterwards, we took some time to explore the Yerba Buena Park across the street from our hotel.

park a.JPG


From the gorgeous breeze to the waterfall and artwork, the Park was an incredible space.



We walked over to the SFMOMA and were the first in line to get in.


Can you tell we where excited?


While we’ve been to the Museum before, we were excited to see the new space and to explore some of the new exhibitions.


Needless to say, we had a fabulous time seeing everything and sharing our love of art with George.


We ended our visit with a pass though the Museum store to pick up some must haves, including a framed print for the house.


After our Museum visit, we walked over to MKT at the Four Seasons Hotel for a quiet, casual lunch.


George devoured a hot dog and fries while John and I both had turkey burgers.


For dessert, we all enjoyed warm cookies.


This was a great meal and the location was actually our Plan B. We determined that Plan A, a reservation we had for a few weeks, was too far away and we didn’t feel like working to travel in that direction. This is an example of why you should always have a back-up plan, and the Open Table app. Ha!

After lunch, we popped into Target to pick up a few items for the Yosemite part of our trip. John had to remind me three times that we weren’t going camping and therefore didn’t need to bring marshmallows, a case of bottled water, energy bars, etc. I negotiated these points and we ended up buying whole fruit, gummy snacks for George, Lara Bars, and an extra large bottle of water (for emergencies, of course!). George was tickled by the tiny shopping carts, so naturally he had to ride in one.


Nap time followed at the hotel. We put down the black out shades and all of us were OUT within minutes. This was not the plan, but I think it was clear that we all really needed the rest.

We all shared some fresh fruit as a snack while we got ready for dinner.


Then, we walked about .4 of a mile to have dinner at 54 Mint with longtime friends of John. We had a great time and really great Italian food.

Since our dinner lingered, we moved into bath and bedtime as soon as we returned to the hotel. Before we went to bed, George made a nest for his Olaf (his new owl friend). So sweet!


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