San Francisco – Dec 26th

I slept like a log on Christmas night – what a great bonus Christmas gift from above!

I woke up at six and took care of a few things around the house, finalized my packing, and posted a few lingering blog posts.

Once G was up, I got him set up with cartoons downstairs before taking a quick shower. While I got ready, John and George ate breakfast. Later, I dressed G and did a bit of last-minute house tidying. We always try to leave a clean home behind – they are much easier to come home to, in my opinion.

Once we loaded my car, we made the very easy, and traffic free, 25-minute drive to IAH. We parked at Terminal C using my Sure Park membership and it was a 5-minute walk from my car to bag check. TSA Pre-Check was also a snap. Traveling the day after Christmas has never been easier.


We picked up a Lunchable at a terminal shop (as a lunch option for G), and I filled our water bottles, before we made a visit to the United Club. While I double-checked our carry-on bags, John and George checked out the view from the Club. George was tickled when the pilots in a departing plane waved to him.


We boarded our plane with ease and George was so excited. He was slightly disappointed when he learned that we didn’t have lie-flat seats. However, he forgot all about it when we were served our pre-departure drink of sparkling water.


The configuration in our cabin of the plane was 2-2 and John sat across the aisle from George and me. This was a great seating combination for us.

We departed on time and George missed the the take-off because he was too engrossed in an episode of Paw Patrol.


He got really excited when the warm nuts came out and he destroyed them.


For lunch, George devoured a Lunchable and a tapas snack box.


I selected the chicken entree and ended up sharing it with George because this kid has been eating everything in sight lately. I passed on dessert, but George was happy to partake in the mango sorbet.


After our meal, George was perfectly content watching Paw Patrol on his iPad while I read a book on mine. John did some work and reading too.

Before we knew it, we were landing at SFO. Thanks to a very clear sky, we had spectacular views of the bay. Once we got our luggage, we took the BART to downtown hotel. It took us about twenty-five minutes, and 10 stops, to reach our stop. We probably could have taken an Uber to our hotel, but G was tickled to take the train!


We checked into the St. Regis with ease and George was thrilled to get his own treat bag upon arrival. Nice touch, St. Regis.


The hotel also surprised us with warm cookies and milk in our room.


With the time change really messing with our schedules, we had dinner at 5:30PM at Zero Zero.


Zero Zero was walking distance from our hotel and served great Italian food. John and G had fresh pizzas and I had a spicy spaghetti dish.We also shared an order of arancini.


Our meals were fabulous and we would absolutely eat there again.

Once we returned to the hotel, it was Lights Out for everyone. After a travel day, everyone was wiped out.

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