Christmas Day 2016

I couldn’t sleep a wink on Christmas Eve. I’m not exactly sure why, but I think it was a combo of anxiety and excitement.


So, when George woke up at 7AM, I was already exhausted. But seeing his excitement was energizing. He tore into his gifts from us, my parents, and Santa. Words can’t really describe how it feels to watch your child express so much joy. It was simply overwhelming for me.




For the third year in a row, we were very measured in our gift giving, and yet George had plenty of gifts to be grateful for and to unwrap. We don’t want George to grow up spoiled or entitled, so we are truly working hard to practice gift-giving restraint.

Like most kids, George spent the rest of the morning playing with his new toys. I made homemade waffles and grilled some chicken sausage and we had a nice family breakfast. While my parents and John took G to the park, I worked on packing for our trip and I also took a long shower.


We kept things easy for lunch and ate leftovers from our fridge. Afterwards, John and G went upstairs for nap time, and my parents and I started working on preparations for our family dinner. When my Mom encouraged me to take a nap, I resisted, but relented. I ended up napping for 90 minutes and it was glorious.


When I woke up, I played with George and set out some appetizers for our new afternoon  guests – the Hunters and Rosenbergs.

When we started opening the rest of our family gifts, bedlam and chaos erupted in the best way possible. All of our kids had the best time. It was so fun watching them.


Thanks in large part to my parents, our party of 13 shared a traditional Christmas dinner of turkey with classic sides. Everything was delicious.



We also had lots of sweet options for dessert.


The best part of the day was celebrating with family. I am so blessed to have a warm, supportive, and loving family.



I hope you and yours had a great holiday too.

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