Christmas Eve 2016

After a night of revelry, we all woke up slightly later then usual. And it was glorious!

Unfortunately, we had a lot of post-clean up and organizing to do (because we had other events planned at house over the weekend), and we had a bit of other work to do around the house. John took G to the park for a while so I could tackle the upstairs playroom disaster without distractions. And so that I could cry in peace. What we learned – next year’s party will be “adults only” (Ha! But I’m being serious here).

George and I prepared a dessert for Christmas Day, then we all sat down for lunch. Then it was playtime and nap time.


While John and and G napped, I kept cleaning and organizing. I also got dressed for church. Once G was up, John and G got ready too. Then, Sally stopped by for some Christmas gifting and visiting.

We made it to Christmas Eve mass about 10 minutes before the service began and it was standing-room only. Blerg. But it was a beautiful service and I am so glad that we were there to celebrate.

Afterwards, we went to the the Rosenberg’s home for a Christmas and Hanukkah celebration. My parents came over too and we all enjoyed fellowship and delicious food.




George was wound up when we got home so we let him open a gift (from Uncle Scott). He was excited to get a backhoe for his fleet of construction trucks.


Then, it was time for bed and Santa to work his magic. My parents spent the night at our house – making the work light.

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