Yesterday was a great and relaxing day for us. We started the morning out with muffins (the fruit of Friday’s labor) before George and I visited the Eastside Farmer’s Market. George was hungry for a second breakfast once we arrived, so we sat down for fresh breakfast tacos while listening to a man play the steel drums.


Afterwards, we shopped and George had fun pointing to veggies he knew, and learning about those he didn’t. We walked away from the market with fresh beans, cilantro, cucumbers, salad mix, and fresh pasta.


We also shopped for some holiday decor and wrapping items at Hobby Lobby before playing at home. For lunch, we tried El Ranchero (in our neighborhood!) for the first time. The customer service and food were good. We give it a solid B. It will be a good choice when we’re in a Tex Mex pinch!

We played at home again after lunch, then John and G moved into nap mode. While they napped, I shopped at Pier One and Whole Foods, and picked up part of dinner at Pico’s Mex Mex. Once I got home, I spent some time wrapping gifts and watching Law and Order. Believe it or not, it was completely relaxing.

When George woke up, family began to arrive for a low-key dinner. We had chips and salsa, queso, rice, beans, and tamales from Pico’s. For dessert, we dug into pies and ice cream from Whole Foods. Everyone had a nice, relaxing evening.

Today was another relaxing day. We went to mass in the morning and had brunch at Weights and Measures afterwards. I am totally infatuated with their roasted carrot pizza and have no shame about eating it. So good!


After brunch, we made a pit stop at the Zoo to buy a gift for a special friend. We also took a ride on the train because…why not?


Once we got home, we did a bit of playing before I put G down for a nap.

During nap time, I did some cleaning and organizing. After nap time, I ran some errands. For dinner, we kept it super easy and had leftovers. Because we had so many leftover options, everyone had what they wanted.

I am so sorry that we had to cancel our trip to Phoenix last week, but I am so grateful for the low-key (very) long weekend and family time. George is almost as good as new and we are looking forward to a great week.


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