Black Friday

Did you wake up super early to fight people at department stores land sweet shopping discounts? We didn’t. Instead, George and I walked over to Bray’s Bayou for a glorious run. We were really enjoying ourselves until the rain swooped in and spoiled our fun. Blerg.


We took cover at a nearby shopping center. As the rain continued, we popped into a nearby donut shop and picked up breakfast for G. Happy kid!


Since the rain wasn’t letting up, we called John and he drove over to pick us up. John and George finished up breakfast at home while I finished my workout at 24 Hour Fitness. Once I got home, I showered and had some snuggle time with G on the couch.


For lunch, we kept it simple and enjoyed (leftover) turkey sandwiches, chips, and fruit. So good! Later, we spent some time in George’s playroom. John crossed a major item off his honey-do list by hanging a few more “art rails” in the playroom. George and I had a great time hanging up his new artwork from school.

After a while, it was nap time for George and online shopping time for me. We are taking advantage of major sales to buy a few more items for our house and to stock up on warm clothing for upcoming trips. I was able to purchase some items while G snoozed.

Once George was up, he and I began making turkey pot pies and banana muffins. We had a fun time making them in the kitchen.



Naturally, we had pot pie for dinner and cherry and pumpkin pie for dessert. We also ran a pie and muffins over to Aunt Julie’s house so that the Rosenbergs could enjoy our handiwork.


George is feeling much better today and his face is looking better too. Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers.

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