Thanksgiving 2016

George was restless last night. He woke and complained – he was itching and was thirsty. After a while, I took him to the guest room and we slept for a few hours. He woke up in good spirits, and I woke up exhausted. Ha!

For breakfast, I made biscuits, sausage, and eggs and served them with fresh fruit. Everyone ate really well.


Afterwards, I took George on a very long (90 minute) walk along Bray’s Bayou. The weather was crisp, the sun was shining, and our walk was glorious. George had the best time watching people, singing songs, and identifying dogs, construction trucks, and buildings.


When we returned home, I went into chef mode.


While John and G played upstairs, I cooked a turkey breast, mashed potatoes, gravy, and green beans for lunch. Ta-Da! We served all of this with the cranberry sauce I made yesterday. Even though it was only the three of us dining, I broke out some of my nice fine china and silverware and managed to find some pumpkin napkins that my MIL gave me last year. Life is too short to leave all of these things sitting in the buffet, right?


We feasted and topped it all off with pie! This was George’s first time eating pumpkin pie and cherry pie and he loved them both.


Once we cleaned the kitchen, George and John retreated upstairs for nap time while I made a beeline to the couch. I fully intended to watch episodes of Law and Order, but I ended up passing out instead. I guess I needed the rest more than I thought. Either way, napping was wonderful.

Once the guys were up, we watched some TV before digging into leftovers for dinner.


Afterwards, I took G out for an early evening stroll. It was a really peaceful night and I was glad for more 1:1 time with George.

As of now, George is sleeping peacefully. He definitely has more spots and bumps today, but still no fever. Thanks to all of you for your warm wishes and prayers. We had a really wonderful, low-key day and I am truly grateful.

I hope you enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving with family and friends!

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