Thanksgiving Eve 2016

Six months ago, we booked our airline tickets for Thanksgiving. The plan? – to kick-off the holiday season with John’s family in Phoenix, AZ.

A month ago, I sent a blow-up toddler bed, linens, a sound machine, and a toddler potty training seat to John’s parent’s house. These items aren’t exactly “must-haves” when traveling, but they certainly help make traveling with a small child easier.

A week ago, I began making my travel lists and checking it twice. Clothes, recipes, gifts, toys, books, cameras, etc. were all added to the list. We also made it a priority to “eat down” the refrigerator. I hate wasting food, so we ate leftovers and tried to leave our fridge as bare as possible.

Two days ago, I began pulling items on my list and getting them packed. George and I planned to share a small suitcase, so planning and efficiency were a must.

This morning, John and I woke up early and got dressed. We also finalized our packing. By the time George woke up, we were packed and ready to roll.

When George woke up, he had two small blisters/spots by his mouth. Drool spots, right? He ate breakfast and we dressed him. He played in the living room for a bit while John and I took care of some things around the house. We love coming home to a clean home, so it was a priority to get everything clean and tidy.

About an hour before we left for the airport, I noticed George’s spots had multiplied. Yikes. We immediately called his doctor and she confirmed our worst intuition – he had a mild case of hand, foot, and mouth disease. Sigh.

John and I were disappointed to cancel our trip,  but it was the right thing to do. George was devastated. He had been looking forward to flying and visiting his grandparents. We hesitated about canceling our plans, but we didn’t think exposing others to a very contagious virus was ideal. Ha!

Once I canceled our travel plans, I made a mad dash to Whole Foods. Since our new plan was to isolate ourselves at home for the next few days (for health reasons), we suddenly had no Thanksgiving plans. And…we had a pretty bare refrigerator. Welp.

I battled crazy crowds at Whole Foods, but came home with enough groceries to create a special holiday meal and to feed us for a few days. Since I have cooked feasts for my family at the holidays in years passed, coming up with a meal plan was relatively easy. Battling the crowds and finding my items was not. I also gave myself a bit of grace and bought a few convenience items, including pies.  Since I knew I would be tending to a sick child, I had to be pragmatic, and realistic, about my time constraints.

Once I got home, we ate our lunch – straight from the prepared foods case at Whole Foods.


We had a spread of empanadas, artichoke fritters, Brussels sprout slaw, potato latkes, cheese, and fruit. Afterwards, George and I took a long, glorious nap.

Later in the afternoon, John and G had some couch time, while I made a cranberry sauce for our Thanksgiving meal. I also unpacked all of our bags and stored our luggage.

For dinner, we had pizzas, slaw, cheese, and fruit. Simple and delicious.


We walked to HEB after dinner to pick up some fresh herbs I couldn’t locate at Whole Foods. Folks were staring at G’s face while we were shopping and I am glad we made the decision to stay home this week. He currently looks far worse than he feels, and I felt so sorry for him as people stared at him disapprovingly.

Although I am disappointed that our plans changed at the last minute today, I am glad that we get to spend a nice, quiet holiday at home with each other. As of now, George is resting comfortably without a fever. We’re praying he feels better tomorrow.

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