Work Trip: Washington, DC

I’ve continued to get requests for details and tips about work travel, so I’ve begun sharing some details about these trips when I can. 

A trip to Washington, DC was on the agenda last month (sorry – I am so behind in posting these days!). The trip was a two-night stay and was a fun one – an annual team meeting with our external consultants. I really enjoy my team members and I was excited to catch up with them.  I also had an opportunity to spend time with my BFF (Sally) on this trip, so this was both a great professional and personal experience for me. I also got a chance to meet President Obama! But more on that later…

Tuesday – Prepare/Plan

Prep for this trip was pretty easy because I made dinners on Monday and Tuesday night and John and George ate leftovers for dinner on both nights while was away.  The guys also had plenty of breakfast options thanks to a Tuesday afternoon Whole Foods grocery trip.

Wednesday – Travel/Meetings

7:00 AM – We had a mini-celebration for John’s birthday after George woke up. Presents and cards abound. Breakfast followed.

8:20 AM – Dropped George off at school. It was an easy-drop off, but I’m always so sad to leave him.

8:30 AM – Hit the gym for a quick 3 mile run.

9:10 AM – Picked up a small birthday cake for John and George to eat for dessert after dinner.

9:30 AM – Returned home and packed and got ready while catching up with my sisters over the phone.

10:45 AM – Left Casa Contour for IAH and a gas station pit-stop for fuel. Conducted a work call throughout the drive. 

11:30 AM- Arrived at Terminal C and flew through security, thanks to TSA Pre-Check. 

11:35 AM – Picked up snacks – 2 bottles of water and a package of nut snack mix and a Kind Bar. I also picked up some lunch because I wasn’t upgraded on this flight. I know – what’s happening!?! I also took a few work calls and responded to emails while walking over to Terminal E.

12:25 PM – Boarded flight to DCA with ease. I had an aisle seat and the seat between me and the window seat was unoccupied during the flight. Score!

1:05 PM – Plane took off a few minutes later than scheduled.

1:30 PM – I ate my lunch while catching up on an episode of RHOOC. Later, I did some work and caught up on emails. It’s amazing how quickly time flies when you are working and no one is around to bother you. Ha!


4:54 PM – Because the FAA had a traffic issue, we were a bit delayed landing at DCA. But, once on the ground, I made my way to the yellow/red Metro line to my hotel (The Embassy Row Hotel). I could have very easily taken an Uber or taxi, but the train is almost always the quickest way to go, especially during “rush hour.” It’s also the most cost-efficient.


5:35 PM – Once I got to my hotel, I unpacked, organized myself, then headed to the rooftop to meet my colleagues for a reception.


7:30 PM – Some members of my work squad and I walked to Restaurant Nora for a very delicious dinner. This restaurant is one of my favorites in the entire country and I was so glad to be there. I had a beet salad, homemade gnocchi with vegetables, and lots of wine. I also shared some rhubarb and strawberry crisp dessert with own of my favorite colleagues.

10:00 PM – I was completely exhausted at this point, but spent a few minutes organizing for the next day’s meetings…and watching CNN. Zzzzz….

Thursday – Meetings

5:00 AM – Awake before my alarm. I did a workout in the hotel gym (run + walk) while watching the news. Afterwards, I returned to my room to get ready for the day.

7:30 AM – Reported for work duty – meetings, meals, work activities, and lots of sparkling water.


5:00 PM – Meetings over. Time to freshen up and get ready for the evening activities.

5:30 PM – I took an Uber to the Washington Convention Center to attend an event with my BFF, Sally. It was a black-tie event, so I got gussied up.


Well…as much as you can with 20 minutes to prep.


6:15 PM – Once I cleared event security, I met up with Sally at the VIP reception. Afterwards, we had dinner, award presentations, and speeches from President Obama and Secretary Clinton. I even had a chance to meet the President after his speech. It was a surreal experience and I enjoyed every second of it. Special thanks to Sally for snapping these pictures.




Friends, no matter your political persuasion, this was truly an honor and my political junkie brain is in overload still trying to process it all. I also had a chance to connect with a few other friends who attended this event – so fun!


10:00 PM – Took an Uber back to my hotel and changed for the evening. I also did a bit of packing to get a jump on the next day.

11:00 PM – Crawled into bed. Exhausted.

Friday – Meetings/Travel Day

I was wide awake at 4:00 AM, so I went down to the gym for a walk while watching the news. Thank goodness for 24-hour gyms and 24-hour cable news networks. After returning to my room, I got ready for the day and did some work before heading to my meetings. I also did my final packing duties.

7:30 AM – Checked out of my room and went down to breakfast and began my meetings.

12:15 PM – I took an Uber to DCA. I caught up on emails on the ride there.

12:35 PM – Once at DCA, I was through security within minutes thanks to CLEAR and Pre-Check. I ended up running into a few colleagues and we had a quick and casual lunch from the Cava Restaurant by our gates.

1:30 PM – We boarded on time, and took off on schedule. Amen! I was not upgraded on this flight thanks to lots of traveling Global Services members (folks one level above my status with United). Oh well, I survived! I slept for part of the flight and watched “The Americans “for the rest.

4:45 PM – I arrived at IAH as scheduled and picked up dinner before heading home.

It was a great and memorable trip to DC, but I was really glad to be home!

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