September 5th

Thankfully, we all woke up later on Labor Day than we had been for the last few days – 6:30AM. I think we all needed the rest. We spent a few minutes packing before my in-laws came by our room to say good-bye. Afterwards, we spent some time packing and getting ready.

Before long, we made our way downstairs for breakfast at the Grant Grill. George insisted on drawing before our food came. My little artist!


For our last breakfast in San Diego, I chose the “power breakfast.” Super delicious, friends. I think I’ve finally admitted to myself that I prefer savory foods (to sweet) in the morning.


And George had the…


After breakfast, we changed George, double-checked our packing job, checked-out of the hotel, then took Uber to the San Diego airport. Checking our bags and getting through security was a snap. We spent some time in the United Club watching planes, inhaling Cheerios (George), and relaxing before heading down to our boarding gate.


We also picked up some lunch for George in the event that he didn’t like what was served on the plane. United is always very gracious about offering alternatives for George, but we don’t take anything for granted.


We boarded without delay and George sang to all passengers as they boarded.


We were a few minutes late taking off, but it was really inconsequential. There were a bunch of United flight attendants in-training on our flight and sadly, they were allowed to provide service on the trip. I know everyone needs training and practice, but the result was painfully slow service. George passed out before the plane took off ans slept until we landed. He wasn’t feeling 100%, so we know he simply needed the rest.


Lunch service began about 90 minutes after take-off and John and I were starved. We both inhaled our nuts and beverages.


I had the Parmesan chicken entree with a salad and it was only okay. The cookies that they served was much better. Go figure!


The flight passed quickly and we were landing before we knew it. Once we collected our bags, we made a beeline for Jenni’s Noodle House. All of us were craving chicken ramen soup, so that’s exactly what we ate. After our dinner, we did a quick grocery run at Whole Foods before heading home and unpacking.

We had a great, casual trip to San Diego and we are grateful for the time that we had together as a family.

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