Hotel Review – The US Grant

We really enjoyed our stay at the The US Grant during our Labor Day Weekend getaway. Here’s a quick review of the hotel…


Location – The hotel is located in the historic downtown Gaslamp District. There are many activities and dining destinations within walking distance of the hotel, and the hotel is about 3 miles from the San Diego Airport.We relied exclusively on Uber while we stayed at the hotel, and it worked perfectly.


Customer Service – Service at the hotel was top-notch. We never wanted for anything and we were always treated warmly and graciously by staff, even when they saw that we had a toddler in tow. Everyone we encountered was helpful, accommodating, and very eager to assist to us. To boot, everyone remembered, and used, our names throughout our stay.


Accommodations – The hotel is located in a historic building and it is undergoing some renovations. Despite this fact, the hotel is welcoming. There are 270 rooms in the hotel, although it didn’t seem that large to us. We booked a Landmark Suite for our stay and we were pleased with the accommodations. Our room had a large bedroom, small living room, a large closet, small alcove (great for storing toddler gear), and a large bathroom.

Amenities – The hotel is a part of the SPG Luxury Collection and features turn-down service, a spa, a dazzling lobby, a bar, and a high-end restaurant. The hotel also has a great gym, art gallery, and great concierge service. As a Platinum member, I chose “breakfast for two” as my welcome amenity.  This translated to a daily $40 credit in the Grant Grill – this ended up being a great way to offset our daily breakfast expense. As a courtesy, the hotel extended this benefit to the room that my in-laws stayed in. Free breakfast for everyone. The hotel lobby also features free coffee and tea service in the mornings, and free lemonade, cookies, and fruit in the afternoon. 


Family Friendly – This hotel is very family-friendly and I would recommend it to families traveling with kids of all ages.  The only caveat is that this hotel is old and has oddly shaped rooms and floor layouts.  This may pose an issue for folks using strollers or for those with kids who are learning how to walk.

Member Recognition – The hotel is part of the SPG family and (as noted above) we were recognized as valued members throughout our stay.


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