September 4th

Since our bodies were apparently still on Texas time, we were all up at 5:30 AM on Sunday morning. We quickly got dressed, then headed across the street to pickup Starbucks. George had blueberries and hot chocolate, I had mint tea, and John had (lots of) coffee. We walked down to the harbor again, but this time our walk focused on the US Midway.


George was fascinated by the scale of the ship and all of the planes on it.


We eventually walked back to the hotel and met John’s parents for breakfast at the Grant Grill. I tried the summer squash quiche and it was really good. George had the pancakes…again.


After we got ready for the day, John, George, and I took Uber to the Zoo for another day of fun.


On this day, we spent our time viewing the koalas, pandas, lots of birds, elephants, zebras, monkeys, gorillas, chimpanzees, Cheetas, kangaroos, Pygmy hippos, and giraffes…just to name a few.


We also took a twirl on the Kangaroo bus so that George could fulfill an experience have had been asking about for two days! He really enjoyed riding the bus and seeing everything from the “sky.”


For lunch, we visited Albert’s – a nice restaurant perched within the “Lost Forest.” This is more of a sit-down place with more food offerings, instead of the traditional grab-and-go options readily found within the Zoo. George had macaroni and cheese and fruit, John had a pulled pork sandwich, and I had a Cesar salad and cheddar-jalapeño soup. I’d highly recommend this restaurant if you need a respite from the craziness of the Zoo.


After lunch, we spent some time exploring the Children’s Zoo, Reptile and Insect Houses, along with a play area.


Once we left the Zoo, we took George to another section within Balboa Park so that he could enjoy rides on the carousel and the smaller “airplanes” for toddlers.



George almost fell asleep on the Uber ride home, but was wide awake when we got to our hotel room. He fought a nap for the longest time, but managed to finally give in and sleep for about 90 minutes before dinner.

For dinner, we made the short walk with my in-laws to Searsucker in the Gaslamp District. We had a really nice dinner made up of small plate dishes. I really enjoyed the tomato soup and grilled cheese, the meatballs, and the baked Brie. After dinner, we took a leisurely stroll back to the hotel.

At this point, George had developed a cough, so it was straight to bed for him. John and I did a bit of packing before knocking out ourselves.

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