Scotland – July 9th

We woke up on Saturday ready to head back to the USA and to the comforts of home (including our own beds!). We had a quick breakfast in the hotel before taking a taxi to Heathrow.

Check-in with United was seamless and we were through security in less than five minutes. We did some souvenir shipping in Terminal 2’s infamous shops before making our way the United Club.

We had some snacks in the Club and prepped for our long journey home. Surprisingly, the Club wasn’t crowded and a had a relaxing vibe that morning.

We made our way to the gate and boarded without incident. We flew a Boeing Dreamliner and were in the first class cabin. With a 2-2-2 seating arrangement, G and I sat together and John sat across from us.

We took off on/time and the crew quickly began serving lunch.


I had chicken and George had the spaghetti.


George and I shared a cheese plate before gouging ourselves on ice cream sundaes.


g sundae

George spent some time watching cartoons before falling asleep. While he snoozed, I watched television and managed a brief nap.Once he woke, we shared another cheese plate and some fruit.

Before we knew it, we were landing in Houston. Within an hour of landing, we were pulling up in our driveway. Without TSA PreCheck, we would have spent over hour in the Customs and Immigration lines.

We had a wonderful trip to Scotland and we are grateful that we were able to enjoy some relaxing time together as a family.

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