Scotland – July 8th

We had our final breakfast in St. Andrews in the Atrium Restaurant at our hotel.


The restaurant was the busiest we had seen it, yet service was still excellent.

 break 2

After finalizing our packing and checking out of the hotel, we made the beautiful drive back to Edinburgh.

car apple

We returned our car at the Edinburgh airport and took advantage of one more photo op with George.

 edi air

Inside, the airport was crazy. There were long lines, and people, everywhere. We checked our bags with British Airways for the flight back to London and the nice gate agent generously waived the fee for my grossly overweight bag. Score!

 We made it through security, and had a quick lunch at a terminal cafe. Quick, easy, and casual.

Post-lunch, we let George play in this great kid’s zone by our gate.

kid air

When our flight was delayed an hour, we let him play some more to pass the time.


Needless to say, he slept on our flight back to London.

Once we landed in London, we took a taxi to a Sheraton hotel a few miles from Heathrow. We settled into our room before heading downstairs for a quick and casual dinner.


We were wiped out afterwards so it was an easy and casual night in for everyone.

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