Scotland -July 7th

For the first time on the trip, I did not get a good’s night rest. The night before, I took some over-the-counter medication and it only wound me up, instead of making me sleepy. Oh, well. John and George slept well and they were in good spirits when we woke.

We had breakfast in the Atrium Restaurant again and we each had an omelette and fruit. Since I couldn’t really taste anything, I wasn’t really in the mood for food.

Because it was another sunny day, we decided to make the most of the day outdoors. We got ready and made the drive to Glamis Castle, north of the city of Dundee.

 morning drive

The drive took us about an hour and forty-five minutes, thanks to some bad directions from the hotel concierge and a missed turn or two at a few roundabouts. If you haven’t experienced them yourself, Scotland (and much of Europe), is full of roundabouts as part of its road system. Most of the roads on our journey were two-lane, very winding roads that literally left me car sick. Thank goodness I had a plastic bag in the car because I vomited in it. Blerg.

drive 2

When we finally made it to Glamis Castle, it was worth the effort.

castle drive

I have always been a fan of European History and Royal History, so this was quite a delight for me.  We participated in the guided 50-minute tour of some of the interior of the Castle.

close castle

The main highlights were seeing the furniture, art work, and fine china. Everything was exquisite. Queen Elizabeth’s baby cot was also on display and it was a gorgeous piece. You’ll have to take my word for it because photography was not allowed indoors.

 back of castle

We were famished after our tour of the Castle, so we had lunch at the Castle’s Victorian Kitchen Restaurant. Everything on the menu is casual and perfect for a laid-back lunch. John and I both had pancetta and Brie sandwiches while George had a kid’s plate of mashed potatoes and sausages.

 castle lunch

After our lunch, we took some time to explore the extensive grounds.


The grounds include a play and picnic area, a Memorial to Princess Margaret, an Italian Garden, a Pet Cemetery, a statute garden and a Walled Garden.

g walk

bridge walk

We really enjoyed our time walking to/from and exploring the Walled Garden.




Because we were pooped after all of that exploring, we made our journey home after our tour of the grounds. George fell asleep almost as soon as we got to the car. When we arrived at the hotel, we ordered tea service to the room.


After enjoying our snack, we  took naps. We all slept so late that we ended up not wanting to do anything for dinner. We ordered room service and dined in our living room. This was perfect.


We spent the rest of the evening packing and relaxing. There was a major soccer game on, so John and George were enthralled. Because I wasn’t feeling well, I spent the rest of the evening resting and curled up in a chair.




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