Scotland – July 4th

We slept in (again) and it was glorious – each of us got another 11 hours of rest. I think we can attribute this to black out shades and jet lag. Either way, we loved it.

John made a run to Cafe Nero for breakfast – raisin bread, fruit cups, and coffee. After we were fed and dressed, we set out for a tour on the Edinburgh Old Town hop on/off bus. We’d never done one of these tour before, but George really wanted to ride in a double-decker bus, and we thought it would be a good way to see the city.


The bus made 14 stops and you could hop off and on as you desired. If you stayed on the bus without getting off, the entire loop would take 60 minutes. To boot, the tour was narrated with a pre-recorded loop and could be heard in 8 different languages.


We enjoyed seeing the sights from the safety and warmth of the bus and got off at the stop for the National Museum of Scotland.

m of s

We really enjoyed our time at the Museum, including the Mary Queen of Scots and children’s discovery exhibitions.

m of s 3

We hopped back on the bus and considered getting off at the Hollyrood House Palace, but we decided we’d just stay on and get back to the hotel. As it turns out, we missed the changing of the guards and the Queen and Duke greeting guests at the gate. Blerg! It all worked out because we returned to our hotel just in time to meet our friend, Joy, for a late lunch at Peacock Alley. Joy is a graduate student at the University of Edinburgh, but was once in marketing at John’s old law firm in Houston. We enjoyed a really nice lunch and conversation. We ordered the children’s tea service for George and it was a big hit!


After lunch, Joy snapped some family photos for us and we celebrated the 4th of July. We’ve been traveling over the 4th of July for years and I always pack American flags so that we can celebrate. We left some flags for Joy so that she could use them during the upcoming Olympics.


We all enjoyed nap time later in the afternoon, although it was an abbreviated nap for George. We had plans to go out for some more exploring, but the heavy rain kept us in. After a while, we bit the bullet, grabbed some umbrellas and made the short, but rainy walk to Mia Italian for dinner.


In short, our dinner was amazing.


Over the course of almost two hours, we shared garlic and cheese bread, olives, minestrone soup, penne arrabiata (me), pepperoni pizza (George), and a rucola pizza (John). We also shared a Nutella cheesecake for dessert.


I should also note that the service was fantastic and staff went especially out of their way to accommodate George.

g dinner

We made the rainy walk back to our hotel and I popped into the nearby Tesco to pick up some whole pieces of fruit and bottled water. Once back at the hotel, George and I did some exploring.


After a while, it was bath and bed time for everyone.

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