Napa – Sunday

We were both early risers on Sunday thanks to an 8:00am flight back to Houston. We were packed, dressed, and in the car by 4:45am. We returned our rental car and were through TSA PreCheck in San Francisco before 6:00am. After picking up some water and snacks, we relaxed in the United Club for a bit.

 club 2


Before we boarded the flight, I picked up a few toys for G at a science shop by our gate. When I travel, I love exploring airport shops for gifts. I have found some amazing items for family and friends in airports. I highly recommend scoping out airport shops – you never know what you will find!

We boarded our flight without incident and took off on time. We had a great and friendly flight crew that began breakfast service as soon as we hit 10,000 feet. John opted for the oatmeal entree, while I chose the omelette with fruit and sausage. We also were offered cinnamon roles and croissants. Our food was pretty tasty for airline fare.


Our flight home was uneventful, as was our drive to Baytown to pick up George. My parents had taken very good care of G and we were thrilled for a happy reunion. To boot, my Mom prepared a special late lunch for all of us to enjoy. We are very lucky to have my parents in our lives and are grateful they watched George for us while we celebrated our anniversary in California.


We had a wonderful time in Napa and hope to return sometime soon.

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