Hill Country Weekend

My entire immediate family shared a rented house in the Hill Country last weekend and we had such a wonderful time.

Everyone met up at the house on Friday. While a babysitter watched the 3 youngest members of the family, all of the adults and George made our way to Proof and Cooper to attend the wedding of our cousin, Jeremy. The wedding was amazing. The food, decor, ambience, and eclectic group of guests made for a very energetic and loving environment. John, G, and I left early so that everyone could get some rest. But the party raged on (and on) after we left.

wed Collage

The next day, we were all up early (#parentlife). We all brought breakfast foods to the house, making it easy for folks to grab something quick to eat. Once everyone was ready, we made our way into town to attend “Wimberly Market Days.” The outdoor market is held the first weekend of every month from March to November and boasts over 500 stalls. Yes, you read that right. The stalls feature everything from food to antiques to plants. There really is something for everyone. I ended up walking away with breakfast tacos (made with homemade tortillas), homemade jam, homemade dip mixes, fresh lavender spray, a cool truck or George, freshly prepared nuts, and homemade peanut brittle. Before we left the market, we had lunch at one of the covered pavilions with the entire family.

taco Collage

After a brief grocery store run, we returned to the house and we took George on a short walk near the river.

river before nap walk

We’re not sure why, but George did not want to take a nap. He fought it pretty hard and we ended up letting him play with toys all afternoon while John and I relaxed and worked.


For dinner, we met up with the family at the Salt Lick.

salt lick

G felt asleep on the drive there and woke up in a cranky toddler mood.  It was terrible.  We were able to enjoy dinner, but only after lots of failed toddler negotiations, walks and bribes.

We woke up on Sunday, packed and spent some down by the river.

river walk

Later, we went into town for brunch at Leaning Pear. Our food was delicious, especially the pimento cheese.

lp squad

Afterwards, we drove home and George slept the whole way. We had such a great time and we can’t wait for a return visit.


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