Spring Break 2016 – Sunday

Everyone woke up on Sunday in a good mood, despite the fact that we were leaving for Houston later that day. I mean, aren’t the last days of vacation always hard?

While we packed and got ready for the day, John and George had breakfast from room service. Before long, we were packing up and making our way to Whole Foods to pick up some brunch treats for a family gathering. One of John’s Aunts graciously offered to host a brunch at her house so that everyone could meet George. Sweet, right?

We drove to Albuquerque and met up with John’s family for a few hours of merriment and great food. George had a great time meeting with family, especially the other little ones.

g and jean

After some sad good-byes, we drove to the car rental return center and then took the shuttle to the airport. George was stoked to the rise the bus again. Just as we pulled up to the airport, we realized that we hadn’t taken a single family photo on the trip. Fail!


Luggage drop-off and security were a breeze and we did our traditional water and diaper change before we boarded the flight. We took off without delay and George passed out while we were taxing to the runway. Our flight was a very easy 1.5 hours journey. G slept for the duration of the flight and once we landed, we made it home quickly.

We were grateful for a quick Spring Break getaway and time with family. We saw some very beautiful things while traveling (people, places and things) and we were fortunate for the experiences we shared as a family.

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