Easter 2016

We had a wonderful Easter weekend, friends.  Because I had the day off, George and I met my parents at the Houston Zoo on Good Friday. We had a great time exploring the Zoo and riding the Hermann Park train. Afterwards, we met up with Julie and Ava for lunch at Barnaby’s.

zoo Collage

That afternoon, the family gathered at the Rosenberg’s house for a delicious fish and shrimp fry.


We took it easy on Saturday and did our traditional Soccer Shots, Little Gym, Whole Foods run, and other errands throughout the day. We also got ready to host everyone the next day. We had a fun and casual hot dog dinner at the Rosenberg’s house that night.

easter jammies

On Easter Sunday, we hosted family at our house for a traditional pot-luck luncheon.

g b


We had an Easter ham, lots of side dishes, and lots of yummy treats.


Because it was wet and muddy outside, we staged an indoor egg hunt for the little ones.  It was so fun to have all of the kids looking for eggs and candy.


As everyone was leaving, George fell and hurt his arm. Long story short, George subtly fractured his elbow. Out of an abundance of caution, George is now in a cast – and is asking us every day to “take it off.”  Now so more than ever, we are grateful to live minutes from the Texas Medical Center, Texas Woman’s Hospital, and Texas Children’s Hospital. I am also grateful to have wonderful health care coverage and an excellent pediatrician for George.

G cast

Nothing is more important than family, and we were blessed to have so much time with ours over Easter weekend.


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