Spring Break 2016 – Saturday

We were all up before 6:30AM, so we quickly dressed and got ready for the day. Before 7:30AM, we were out the door for a planned day trip to Taos, New Mexico.


 We took the “high road” to Taos and made several quick stops to take in the breathtaking scenery.


Just outside of Chimayo, we saw a bunch of folks making a pilgrimage to the Sanctuary at Chimayo. It was a truly beautiful sight.


Right at 8:30 AM, we pulled into the small parking lot for the Rancho de Chimayo Restaurant. The Restaurant has a cult following and is considered a foodie mecca for Northern New Mexico.


In fact, the restaurant recently won a coveted James Beard award. We settled in for breakfast and were not disappointed by our meals. John had a breakfast burrito, George had sausage and biscuits (and some of my food), and I had eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns with a side of red chile.


Friends, this red chile was AMAZING. So, so good. We also shared some sopapillas and honey before hitting the road again.


We really enjoyed the windy and scenic drive through the mountains on our way to Taos. We passed through many small towns and points of interest, including the Carson National Forest, Nambe, and Truches.

jand g

We drove through Taos and immediately pushed north to visit the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.

bridge f

It was windy and cold and I was so nervous about walking the bridge. My anxiety levels were high when I realized the guard rails were not very high. The anxiety intensified when I saw multiple signs suggesting people not jump and commit suicide. There was even a suicide hotline phone at either end of the bridge. Despite all of that, the views were breathtaking and I was so glad that we visited.

m and g

In case you make a trip out there, please know that there are very nice bathrooms and a covered picnic areas west of the bridge.


After our visit, we drive back to Taos to eat at the infamous Orlando’s restaurant. We were really pleased by the food and the great customer service.


John had calabacita enchiladas, George had a bean, chicken, and cheese burrito, and I had a combination plate with a chile relleno and a tamale (both covered in red chile. So, so good!


We left Orlando’s and made our way north about 7 miles to stop at one of the best ice cream stores in the country, Taos Cows.


Taos Cows makes their ice cream with locally sourced ingredients and it is to-die-for.


I shared the Oreo-malt-chocolate ice cream with George and it was heavenly.


Once we got to the car, George went into a 2.5 hour food coma. We drove back to Santa Fe while he slept, then kept driving so we wouldn’t wake him. It was a beautifully relaxing day and drive.

Once we got back to the hotel, we watched George play outside for a while.


We kept things very easy and had dinner at the hotel’s newest restaurant, Julia. John had green chile stew while George and I shared some broccoli soup.


George had chicken fingers and fries for his entree and I had chicken meatballs with fresh pasta. The food was very good and satisfying.


After dinner, we retreated to the room to relax, pack, and to dive into our special desserts. While we were at Orlando’s, I purchased these special pastries. John had the brownie, while George and I had the chocolate-dipped biscochitos. These were fabulous, friends.


Great ending to a great day!

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