Spring Break 2016- Friday

Because we were still on Texas time, we all woke up a little earlier than we should have. We got ready and made our way to Tia Sophia’s for breakfast.


I had an early morning work video conference, so I ate my breakfast special (egg + cheese enchilada + beans + red chile) quickly.

ts me

John and George lingered a bit longer and savored their meals.

ts g

Meanwhile, I set up shop in the hotel’s library area for a few hours.


While I was working, John and George were exploring. By the time I was free, these two were enjoying the sun by the hotel fountain. It’s so wonderful to see George playing in front of one of my favorite fountains. Now when I travel to Santa Fe for work, this vision will stand out in my mind.


We did a bit of shopping in the Plaza before visiting the New Mexico History Museum.


As a native New Mexican, John has been itching to tour the Museum and we were grateful for our visit.


After an impromptu photo shoot (!), we made our way to the David Rosen Gallery to check out some pieces again (we visited the day before).


There are two pieces that we are considering and we wanted to see them again. Later, we had lunch at the Bull Ring.


Because it was Friday during Lent, and we are Catholic, it was fish all around.


Our dishes were fantastic and the service was great. George entertained himself by doodling all over the paper table covering.

 g colors

After lunch, it was nap time for George. While he napped and John rested, I went back to the library for about 3 more hours of work.

Post nap-time, we took a stroll down Canyon Road to look at more art. We are interested in a (piece of kinetic wind) sculpture and the Wiford Gallery was our stop.


We loved several pieces, so now we need to narrow down our choice. Or we need to rank our favorites and buy several pieces over time. I vote for the latter because George was mesmerized by them.


For dinner, we had reservations at La Plazuela at the La Fonda Hotel. This is a place I frequent while entertaining clients and I loved being there with family.

lf dinner

John and I had chile rellenos and George ate himself silly on macaroni and cheese. Everyone left happy!

la fonda

Back at the hotel, we ventured to the hotel lobby so that we could show George the fireplace. To our delight, the hotel set out a s’more bar. Naturally, we had to partake.


Before bedtime, I spent some time reading to George by the fireplace in the room.


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