Spring Break 2016- Thursday

Okay. George is only two years old, but his school was closed for “Spring Break” last week. John and I have been swamped with work and couldn’t take a week-long vacation with our favorite preschooler, but we made time for a quick family getaway last weekend. And we are so glad we did…


I booked our flight to Albuquerque months ago and when I double-checked our itinerary before the trip last week I had a major “what was I thinking moment!?” A 9:20AM flight departure during Spring Break – complete with morning commute and Spring Break/Rodeo traffic? Alas, it all worked out in the end, but I really need to pay attention to these things moving forward.

We were up and at ’em at 6:00 AM and out the door at 7:00 AM on the dot. We were showered, packed, trash/diaper pail emptied, and ready to roll. This is a major feat for us because we have very few occasions that we all need to be ready for the day at this hour.

George had some breakfast in the car on our 40 minute drive to IAH. We arrived at Terminal B at 7:40, parked, then quickly checked our two bags at the United desk in the terminal. There were very long security lines in the terminal, but we sped through thanks to Pre-Check. I should also note that the TSA staff was great to work with and took special care of George, his stroller,and car seat.

After our pass through security, we picked up some bottled water, then made our way to the United Club. G had more breakfast and John had some too.


After a bit, we made our way to gate B76 to get our stroller bag tag. While G watched the construction trucks and planes outside, we loaded up our baby gear and made final organizational touches to our carry-ons.


G was very exited to be on the plane once we boarded. He was singing songs and saying “hi” to everyone. Because the tickets were very affordable when I purchased them, we all sat in first class for the flight. The extra room and special attention from the flight attendants were well worth the additional expense. We took off on schedule for our one hour and fifty-four minute flight to Albuquerque.

I took my Kind bar out for my breakfast once we were airborne, but G quickly snatched it and started eating it. Although that’s not an example of the manners that we are teaching him, I let him have it because…I am a Mom and I don’t want my kid to be hungry. When the snack basket came around we got more snacks – a banana for George and a small bar and banana for me.


G ended up eating his banana and half of mine. Boy, was this kid hungry. Growth spurt?


I spent the duration of the flight working, while John read and George watched episodes of Mickey Mouse Club and Peppa Pig.

NM window

We landed, retrieved our luggage, then made our way to the bus that would take us to the rental car center. George was so excited about the bus ride – he had been taking about it for weeks! National didn’t have SUVs left, so we had to take a mini van instead. Whatever.

in car

We made our way to Santa Fe and immediately drive to Tomasita’s for lunch. We had a 10 minute wait for a table and once seated, wasted no time ordering.


I had a tamale plate, John had enchiladas, and G had the kid’s taco plate.

my plate

We also shared some chips and queso. Everything was delicious!


After lunch, we tried to check into our hotel room, but it wasn’t ready. Actually, it wasn’t ready for 2.5 hours (more on that later) so we made the most of our afternoon. We walked around the Plaza and did some shopping for our house and for ourselves. Once we checked into our room, John and George passed out.


I took the opportunity to catch up on work calls and emails and to make a quick Whole Foods run. Our lives are much better when we have access to water and snacks. Ha!


For dinner, we kept it super casual and walked over to UpperCrust Pizza.


We shared some garlic bread and a green chile pizza with sausage, olives, and mushrooms.


Later, we enjoyed snuggling by the fireplace in our room. So cozy!

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