HLSR 2016

It’s one of my favorite times of the year – Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo time!

Over the course of my life, I have see many of the best country artists perform live, enjoyed late nights with friends at the carnival, purchased some killer food and apparel from Rodeo vendors, and been wined and dined in some of NRG’s swankiest suites. However, these days, I live to take George to Kid’s Country!

We met my parents on Sunday morning for our first Rodeo experience of the season. There are lots of parking options, but we chose a close-in option for convenience. Specifically, we parked at a gated lot at Naomi and Fannin for $20.00. It’s a quick 5 minute walk from the lot to the Fannin gate (located across the Metro light rail stop) and ticket booth. Speaking of tickets, general admission tickets are $10 for adults (G got in free).


Our first item on the agenda was a visit to the petting zoo.


George was freaked out by the friendliness of the animals and was glued to either me, my Mom, or John the entire time.


There were goats, wallabys, alpacas, lambs, pigs, and deer galore. When G had his fill, it was time for his first pony ride, courtesy of Dash.


It’s amazing how much a $7 pony ride can light up our world.

pony ride

After the ride, we took a walk around the grounds to orient ourselves with the allowable ride options for George (there are 4) and food options for lunch (because it all about the food).

Later, we visited “Fun on the Farm” to teach George about farm life…and to let him climb into a tractor.

Fun on the farm

We also spent some time on the rides. Now that G is tall enough, we couldn’t leave the Rodeo without partaking in the rides.

ride Collage

After another pony ride, courtesy of Trigger (who G rode last year!), it was time for lunch.


Long story short, we completely over-ordered and spent $124 at “Biggy’s.”


We ended up giving plates of food to a nearby table (the food was untouched and still warm when we asked if someone wanted to help us by eating it!). We ate corn dogs, sausages on a stick, tater tots, french fries, fried zucchini and washed it all down with diet drinks. Ha!


Because that wasn’t enough, we also shared a funnel cake before heading home and taking a long family nap.


We had a great trip to the Rodeo and can’t wait to head back before the season is over.


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