Week Twenty Eight Remodel Update: February 8-14

Progress: This week is a bit of the same as last week – more prepping and lots more painting. But, to be fair, there are a few new things to share. And, because something got lost in communication, we are missing a few shelves. Sigh. But…

We have shelves and lights in the kitchen!

kitchen 2


Hopefully we will have cabinet doors and finishing touches soon.

Speaking of cabinet doors, they are being painted in my living room. For those who are curious, lacquering cabinets takes a long time (especially to dry them) and the smells/fumes are insane. But, they sure look gorgeous – even in progress pics.


We also have lighting in the downstairs hallway and entryway. It’s the little things, right?


The painters continued to work their magic on our fireplace. Doesn’t the inside look better with a fresh coat of paint?


Details: This – I’m ready to UNPACK already. Sigh.

ning room

Purchases: None – that I know of. Sigh.

Challenges: Being patient. We are ready for this phase of the remodel to be over with, but we want everything done correctly. I also desperately want to unpack and cook meals again.

Wins: We are still living the dream and realize how fortunate we are. Amen.

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