Week Twenty Six Remodel Update: January 25-31

Progress: This week’s highlight was the installation of our kitchen appliances.


Well, it was a highlight and a low point – the crew installed the wrong cook-top (the wrong one was mistakenly delivered) and had to make some cabinet changes to properly fit the oven and microwave drawer. Sigh. But the painting, priming, and sink installation were enough to distract me from these issues.


The crew also painted the breakfast room and finalized the frame for our new door/window combination. Another crew came in to install our new mantle and hearth.


These were made from the granite counter-top that was previously on the (flood-destroyed) cabinets in the living room. John really wanted to repurpose the material and we love how it turned out. For those who are curious – yes, we are painting the fireplace after all. 

master bath

We also spent some time mapping out the master bathroom with the crew this week. Many pieces of hardware that we ordered from Elegant Additions have arrived and we collaborated to make sure everything still works.


Details: We are also still working on the closets for our master bedroom. More on this later – it’s all about the details, right?

Purchases: A garbage disposal and some decorative pieces for the living room.

Challenges: Hmm…having patience; not being able to cook in one’s own home; eating out for 99% of all meals; smelling paint for weeks on end; hoping your colleagues don’t hear drilling or pounding when on conference calls…you know, just the usual.

Wins: We are still living the dream and realize how fortunate we are. Amen.

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