Week Twenty Five Remodel Update: January 18-24

Progress: As we inch closer to the end of this project, the results are becoming more and more evident. Exciting, no?

The crew installed the counter-tops in the kitchen this week. The counters are covered with paper so that the painters can continue their work, but trust me, they look fabulous. Speaking of fabulous, the painters have done a great job priming and painting the cabinet frames. I am loving the look of the lacquered gray paint.


The painters also worked on the final stages of painting in the breakfast room. Next up is replacing the sliding glass door.


They also started to paint the entry hallway and completed the painting in the hallway guest bathroom.


The crew also did a bit of tile work in the living room.  As more of the tile work gets completed, the tower of extra supplies and tools moves closer and closer to the front wall (soon to be built-in entertainment center).



The crew also installed a desktop in my office. They have a bit of work to do around the trim, but it looks great so far. John will be working from this space when he needs or wants to work from home and I will work from my desk when I am not traveling.


Details: We are still working to unpack boxes, but our busy schedules and space limitations make that challenging. The bulk of the downstairs boxes and furniture are in our dining room.  Here’s a peek into the hoarder hell we also call our dining room.


Needless to say, we can’t wait to unpack all of these boxes and to put furniture where it belongs.  Looking at this room gives me the chills.

Purchases: This week we purchased kitchen cabinet hardware, towel rings for the upstairs bathrooms, door hooks, and a doorbell.

Challenges: Patience is probably our greatest challenge at the moment.

Wins: We are still living the dream and realize how fortunate we are. Amen.

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