Lazy January Weekend

Between work, school, and our remodel, we were exhausted by the time Friday rolled around. We were overdue for a lazy weekend.


We woke up to a chilly (at least for Houston standards) morning on Saturday. After a quick breakfast, it was time for Soccer Shots. This is George’s second season playing and he always has such a great time!

ss Collage

Afterwards, we ran some errands including a trip to Lowe’s, a visit to our nearby recycle center, and a much-needed visit to the car wash (my car was disgusting).

Following a quick run by the house, we made our way to the Little Gym. We sat out last season, but rejoined this season because George had been asking to go back. He had a great time and burned a lot of energy. We fueled up with lunch at Bellaire Broiler Burger. So delicious.

Nap time followed. While G napped, I worked, did laundry, cleaned and (finally) prepared George’s Christmas gifts for his classmates. These were packed away for the move and I was glad to finally have access to them.

g gifts

We played and had snack time when G woke up. Then, we made our way back to Little Gym for a birthday party. The birthday girl was a classmate of George’s, and he was ecstatic to see his friends there. The kiddos had a fantastic time together. George even hugged his classmates when he left the party. Swoon.


Let’s just say everyone slept well after the day’s activities.


Ahhh, Sunday. While George and I woke up and got the morning going by playing with trucks, John picked up breakfast from New York Bagels (upon the recommendation of Julie and Ian.)


My “Every Topping” bagel with homemade vegetable cream cheese was fabulous. I am totally on Team NY Bagel now.

After we ate, we did some light cleaning before John took George for a long walk around the neighborhood. While they walked and talked, I showered and did some work. Once they returned and were ready to go, we made our way to Cyclone Anaya’s (in the Village) for brunch.  Everyone enjoyed their meals, especially George.

g ca

He also enjoyed playing in the nearby courtyard after our meal.


The Museum of Fine Arts was next on the agenda.


We’ve been dying to see the Rothko exhibit, and because it closes today, we had to get there. We have also been wanting to expose George to more art, culture, and creative inspiration. George loves to paint and draw, so we are happy to help him foster his little hobby, and to feed our souls.

rothko Collage

We really enjoyed our visit and look forward to returning soon to check out a few other exhibits. After the Museum, we did some grocery shopping at Whole foods, then John put George down for his nap. While G snoozed, I did more work, got organized for my travel this week, and prepared some things around the house for the week ahead. About 1.5 hours into the nap, I laid down with George for an hour nap.  George and I took about an hour walk after her woke up. When we arrived back at the house, it was pizza time!


See? A totally lazy weekend full of family time and comfort food – just what we needed. I hope your weekend was wonderful too.

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