Week Twenty Four Remodel Update: January 11 – 17

Progress:  Week 24. 2-4. We’ve been at it for six months. Someone shoot me. I kid,I kid.

The crew stained the treads and risers on the stairs and they look GREAT.  They are, however, under protective covering until the stair railing and drywall are painted.

The painters and crew also made a ton of progress upstairs. They repainted doors and hallways and did some touch-up painting. They also installed new door knobs, door stops and door pulls.

They also worked on our powder room – they installed the new toilet and sink/vanity.This room is almost complete.

They also installed some very cool Nest thermostats upstairs and downstairs.


The painters have also been very busy sanding and painting in the kitchen and in the living room.

Details: Now, on to the BIG news. We are living in the house! We moved out of the hotel on Saturday (the 16th) and we are doing our best to unpack and settle in.


We are only living upstairs as most of the work that needs to be completed is downstairs. John and I are  living in the guest bedroom and are enjoying the new Casper mattress. Here is a peek at how things look at Casa Contour.



And you are seeing these clearly – we don’t have a working kitchen yet.

Purchases: None that I know of…

Challenges: We are so close, yet so far, to the end. Also, I hate boxes, but there isn’t enough time to live, work, and take care of George AND unpack everything. Sigh. So…box by box we shall go.

Wins: We are still living the dream and realize how fortunate we are. Amen.

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