Costa Rica: January 1st

We woke up and made our way to breakfast at Mitra. I was still so full from dinner the night before that I scaled back my breakfast. I also couldn’t stomach another omelet.

my break

On the other hand, John and George were game.

g break

We returned to our room after breakfast and got ready to take some family photos at the beach. Once we got there, G wouldn’t really play along with the whole setup…but at least we tried! I’ll share some of these photos in a separate post, but here is my favorite shot of John and George.


We spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon at the pool.


The crowd was pretty light as most people departed on January 1st. After years of traveling over the new year, we have found that leaving a day or two into the new year is a much better option for us. There are fewer traveling crowds and generally less stress involved at that time. And this also gives us more time to relax.

g poolside

For lunch, we got burgers and fries from El Ranchito and a pizza from Spirula to share.



Apparently the biggest iguana I have ever seen also thought he should join us.


He had no fear and put his claw on my leg, then clawed his way onto may chair.

ig 2

And I was holding G during this sneak attack. Needless to say I lost my appetite.

ig 3

G and J napped early in the afternoon and I went to the gym for a New Year’s Day workout – a 4 mile run + 1 mile walk cool down.

After George woke, he and I went to the photo center to order some pictures while John relaxed in our room. The hotel offers a fantastic photo service that is a great amenity. Photographers are always on hand taking photos and you can even schedule a family photo session at no cost. You only pay for photos that you like, and you can get them digitally or in print. We ordered many photos – both candids from throughout our trip and some from our scheduled family session.

For our last dinner, we ate at Manglar. Manglar specializes in Mediterranean cuisine and the food was very good. I had risotto balls and George had a fruit plate for appetizers.


John had a steak, I had roasted chicken and George had chicken fingers and French fries for our entrees.


We skipped dessert in order to eat the beautiful postres that Bridgette Michelle (our ons-site Platinum Concierge) had delivered to the room.


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