Costa Rica: December 30th

Little G slept until 7:30AM –someone was in total vacation mode!

We had breakfast at Mitra again and George specifically requested, and subsequently inhaled, pancakes, eggs and fruit.

g break

I ate a delicious omelet and fruit. They also had hash browns as an option that morning – #winning!

my break

After breakfast, we set up at the pool for the rest of the morning.

g swim costume

Little G played in the pool, and we all had such a great time.

pool time

I purchased this pail before we left for Costa Rica and G loved it.


The pail went everywhere with us! While we were having fun, this guy snuck into my bag looking for snacks.


I caught him in the act at one point. Naughty! During our swim party, John brought us drinks from the bar and G had his own little fresh watermelon slush. This kid is so spoiled, but I won’t complain — it was just watermelon and ice.


Once lunchtime rolled around, we retreated to our room and ordered room service.

room relax

But why – there were so many restaurant options at the resort? I really wanted to get G out of his wet clothes and we simply wanted to be lazy…so we did just that. John and I had turkey burgers and George had chicken noodle soup and fruit for lunch. We dined on our patio and watched the resort go by and kept an eye on the golf course. We also watched this iguana walk by our patio!


Afterwards, George and John took a long nap together. I passed the time by getting in a workout (run + cool down walk) and then relaxing in the room. I also did some yoga while J+G were sleeping and it felt so great.

Once everyone was up, we walked to the shopping area to buy some souvenirs. Later, we cleaned up and went to dinner at Faisanella’s. Dinner was delicious (again).


George and I shared a fruit plate and soup for appetizers and John had a salad. For our entrees, John had the squid ink pasta, I had the spinach fettuccini with beef and mushrooms, and George had chicken fingers and French fries. John and George both had lime sorbet for dessert (I was too full to indulge).


We went right into our bedtime routine when we got back to the room. Thank goodness for our sound machine because a neighboring town was having a festival, complete with music that was too loud.

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