Costa Rica: December 29th

George slept until 7:00AM and woke up requesting to “see monkeys, please!” Well, okay. This kid is so funny – I don’t know where he gets it.

Once we dressed, we walked to breakfast at Mitra. Mitra offers a buffet breakfast to all guests (the other option is room service) and boy does it deliver lots of items to choose from. All three of us had some variation of an omelet with fruit.

My Break

George has been crazy about watermelon lately, so he was happy to have some on his plate. In fact, he ended up eating twelve large slices…plus everything else on his plate.

G break To get acquainted with the property, we explored the beach and pool areas after our meal.

beach walk

We also rode one of the open taxi trucks around the property. G was so excited!

morning ride

Once we changed, we made our way to the family pool.

swim costume

George had a blast in the water, per usual. We really do have a water baby!

pool time

After a while, I enjoyed a virgin Bloody Mary (can’t day drink that early anymore!) – it was delicious.

Virgin Mary

Once John wrestled George out of the pool, we did some people watching and book reading.

For lunch, we went to Caracola. Honestly, the food was only so-so. Maybe we ordered the worst items on the menu…because none of us were feeling the food (burger, rice and chicken and G’s kid’s chicken and rice).

lunch b

Well, except the fruit. George loved the fruit.

 g lunch

After lunch, we retired to our room to relax and then George took his nap.

While G napped (and John stayed in the room with him), I went to a nearby park area at the resort and did some work and had a conference call. Hey, duty called! I also did some shopping and got a great run and walk in at the fitness center.

On the walk back to the room, I spotted monkeys in the canopies that cover one of the main pathways. George and John were outside on our patio, so they joined me in checking out the little black monkeys.

tree mon

We got G dressed again and visited the pool for the rest of the late afternoon. My water baby had so much fun. Later, we had dinner at Las Candelas – a Latin food restaurant at the resort.

las candelas

Our food was exceptional. We shared empanadas and tortilla soup for appetizers, and John had coconut shrimp while I had la tampiquena for our entrees.


George enjoyed a fruit plate and chicken with fries for his dinner. We also shared vanilla and chocolate ice cream for dessert. The vanilla ice cream tasted like whipped marshmallow fluff – it was amazing.


After dinner, we explored the property and George was fascinated with an over-sized fire pit by one of the property’s bars.


We ended the night with a ride around the resort on one of the open-air taxi trucks, per George’s request (spoiler alert – this will become a recurring request!).

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